Reality-TV Show Contestants Face Elements 'Naked and Afraid'

Discovery channel's newest show has participants surviving in nature in their birthday suits.
3:04 | 06/17/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Reality-TV Show Contestants Face Elements 'Naked and Afraid'
exclusive look at the newest extreme reality show, "extreme." Naked and afraid is the title. The show pits strangers against the elements in some of the harshest terrain in the world with no food, no tools and no clothes. Abc's linsey davis has a morning friendly look at the show. Linsey, do tell. ReporteNG FRIENDLY, That's right. Au naturel in nature. This is not your grandpa's survival series. The discovery channel is upping the ante in their birthday suits in their quest to survive, participants may first need to find some fig leafs. They're complete strangers dropped into one of the remote regions on earth forced to live off the land often under brutal conditions. All I'm trying to do is survive. Reporter: They're both naked. I don't want to be here anymore. Reporter: In what just may be the most real reality show yet, the discovery channel's newest show "naked and afraid" is stripping down the reality genre. Naked in the land of venomous snakes. God, we are so screwed. Reporter: Each week a different pair of strangers, one man and one woman will be left stranded for 21 days with nothing but determination and survival skills. They must hunt or staff advantage or anything they eat, drink or, yes, wear. This would make the third night it's just poured on us. Reporter: In the process discovery says they'll find themselves in plain view of mother nature and each other. Get little to no sleep so i can keep the fire going. I need to make nye partner feel comfortable because she's overwhelmed. Reporter: Adam and eve meet "castaway" with maybe a little "blair witch project" mixed in. Hungry, cold. Hard to stay warm. Rorter: It is not for the fainthear fainthearted. My dinner. Pushing the boundaries on the survival genre. This is the most authentic survival show that you're going to see. Reporter: But while they may be testing the limits, critics wonder if they're testing the bounds of good test. Reality television seemingly is becoming more and more and more outrageous. Reporter: But while they may be pushing boundaries some critics wondering if they're pushing the of good taste. Triumphs and, well, everything else as these disrobed duos try to survive with little more than their wits. I shall wish you could have seen josh's face but each is given a basic map and small cameras mounted on them and rolling at all times. By the way, get this, there is no prize at the end of the three weeks. The show's producers say the contestants are just doing this for the experience, lara. Yeah, and all the fun they get to have, right? You're going on set. Yeah. I quit. I am well clothed and terrified. All right. There you have it. But if you would like to see "naked and afraid" tune in to discovery channel premiering this sunday.

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{"id":19418874,"title":"Reality-TV Show Contestants Face Elements 'Naked and Afraid'","duration":"3:04","description":"Discovery channel's newest show has participants surviving in nature in their birthday suits.","url":"/GMA/video/naked-afraid-reality-tv-show-pitts-contestants-elements-19418874","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}