Nancy Grace, Tristan MacManus Discuss 'DWTS' Exit

HLN host discusses her experience on "Dancing With the Stars."
4:12 | 11/09/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Nancy Grace, Tristan MacManus Discuss 'DWTS' Exit
Nancy interest didn't join us now live in Los Angeles and Nancy good to have you back with us on the show this morning. And and you heard -- -- so many people are saying it. You look. Fantastic. What that this experience mean to you and how has it just impacted your life. Well I've got to tell you I'll never forget -- a first -- all I have a friend liberalize interest and we went through a lot together a lot of long hard hours practicing. But -- my big goal was to set a good example for my twins. About believing in something and trying hard and keeping your chin up -- in the chips are down. They are terrific in -- car all the what they stadium last night. The first mesa airlines finally got home as they wanted to get in bed with me and losing one and a bottle. Before -- -- bush is now more years old. Pictures and this was your first time all Michelle as a -- You make it's a weak eight you make it look so easy what has this been like for you first time now. And it's expanded basic fact of the outlets is that -- I've had a good laugh Taylor plan has been a blast I was I was very looking to get someone. As committed and dedicated as Nancy was they see it. When I mean canceling his beloved uncle -- he -- at. There's a convoluted -- however in a -- -- -- -- -- -- We still live people. Hey -- you got to ask you will always thinking when -- Pulled out that Cinderella crack the other night. You know why it's best just the way -- and ends and it is I'm not special does that to every body and -- just kind of have to get used to it -- frankly. After being held -- and -- in real cola. I got an Atlanta. -- the briefing today. I -- it was I have to say if you -- chemistry. Once you guys that the floor was absolutely amazing and -- but -- -- some Laura legalese Carson Presley was here. Nancy and he may be suing you just want to let you know that may -- -- -- -- hard for the court what did you who doesn't -- and no one else did let's -- what Carson said yesterday. I think it's coming up but she copied my -- -- from my jive. I didn't -- take her records. Yeah yeah that was my -- So what you -- defend yourself what -- I think press play and bring it -- clinic -- I have cheerleading pictures of me doing that a lot before you learn to do -- Carl but now the big one of the biggest again having everybody seems. Nancy Grace cheerleader. -- Who heard her -- well I I'm still trying to teach truth and how to -- -- and the union's stance and I'd like to point out -- when I did he isn't the first time in practice he dragged me on my hand ample my pants off bombs outside they. Well I as well -- help them. Our -- as an accident gets there so we're down to the final four handicap -- for -- little Beatrice and what do you see happening going forward to take on the mirror ball trophy. I am I reading now -- bad that it's anyone's game at this stage you know who. There's an has allowed on Wednesday are now he's doing he's in the super job but the deafening -- -- -- as we -- the suit and job isn't new landmark session as the credential around behind Robinson -- don't give him -- meaningful -- -- a game now uncertainty hope -- -- -- from the -- Lal Salam. It's anyone's game -- this -- Israeli -- we O'Donnell in -- -- Nancy you know you're just another three it was awesome. Unanimous demands -- and in Trenton I would have to say -- and Carly. -- got this thing that I didn't outer -- This particular story and -- -- -- you're so much you are so much fun and it was great zest for others to see another side of -- to. Thank you of interest and all the Bankrate first time out we had a wonderfully ordinary months.

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{"id":14913592,"title":"Nancy Grace, Tristan MacManus Discuss 'DWTS' Exit","duration":"4:12","description":"HLN host discusses her experience on \"Dancing With the Stars.\"","url":"/GMA/video/nancy-grace-tristan-macmanus-discuss-dwts-exit-14913592","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}