Nancy Grace Defends Whitney Houston Death Remarks

Nancy Grace explains her controversial comments concerning the singer's death.
3:57 | 02/16/12

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Transcript for Nancy Grace Defends Whitney Houston Death Remarks
If you want to bring up had changed topics with you because you know that use -- stirred up a hornet's nest. On Monday when you said we played your comments earlier this morning and and basically -- saying about we -- -- death and you said you wanna know who pushed her. -- letter slipped under the water. Angered a lot of people -- they felt that you just went way too far. Well if you look at the entire sentence I understand that some people would consider that jarring -- parks. But there is nothing delicate -- nice about a -- -- murder. A -- after an unexpected death. Or an autopsy and that is what autopsy is our four I know most people. Aren't exposed to medical Examiner's autopsy is -- and medical examiner investigations but that's why you have an autopsy of -- to determine. When something looks to be not a natural death or an accidental death was it a murder. Was set a heart attack was it an overdose that's what they were looking at that's what they had to find -- yet. -- -- education just say you know what I was wildly speculating. And I'm sorry. I should -- that it. It was inappropriate and was attitude and -- -- -- license. They and it's not expect any I guess you may have been pushed under the water. I know that you. Probably have never tried a murder case or had been in a more Gorton an autopsy but the reality is is that's why you have. An autopsy. That's what they weren't looking for and in that same breath I -- there was no evidence of forced -- Only and you went onto then you went on to wildly speculate actually I. I -- to -- -- -- need to -- the reality is -- an autopsy. -- they searched for the truth sometimes -- -- loved Whitney Houston -- idea that is what medical examiners do they look to see if it was a homicide if it was natural causes. Or accident. I know that that is not palatable as not easy going down but that's the reality of what medical Examiner's do. But that's not the reality of this particular investigation this is why I think that it -- -- reality it. At -- Nancy did anyone who's associated centers are a cause of -- anyone who's associated with this investigation say that they were looking into who pushed her into the water. That eight were looking for cause of death and that -- as a matter of fact I'm Reggie brought that up because they mention in the art in the discussion that there was no sign of forced or trauma which means they looked for fourth or trauma or state which means. Yes several ordinance and have been -- I do everything wire -- aren't telling me I personally don't know I'm not -- -- -- -- -- going on television and making a comment. That I think was rightly viewed as inappropriate and that sometimes is a time to say you know what. I shouldn't said that in retrospect and nicer way to say -- -- more accurate way to say that would have been next wires -- instead of saying that. You just sort of trying to defend what you -- Well actually -- I understand where you're coming from. And it would had been -- to say they're looking for cause of death. But what that means in the real old world not the ivory tower of Harvard Law School. Not just sitting there reading documents and talking about it but -- real world. Of an autopsy of why her body was transported to the coroner's office. Is to determine cause of death whether it be -- -- natural causes accidents are homicide. It is not a homicide and -- title for that but I still want the truth. We we all do and that's why the public has always so quick to sake can't we all just wait until we get the autopsy results and then we we don't have to. To speculate like that -- thank you as always for wanted to come on. And -- -- outside in net and Dan think you.

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{"id":15676156,"title":"Nancy Grace Defends Whitney Houston Death Remarks","duration":"3:57","description":"Nancy Grace explains her controversial comments concerning the singer's death.","url":"/GMA/video/nancy-grace-wild-speculation-whitney-houstons-death-15676156","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}