Nanny chases down package thief in Washington

Surveillance video caught the moments that a nanny ran out of the house and chased down a thief who apparently stole a package off a front porch
2:34 | 12/03/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Nanny chases down package thief in Washington
Okay, that's the video that tells you it's the time of year. Caught on camera. Package thieves. Helping themselves to your gifts. This morning, a video of a vigilant nanny who leapt into action when she saw a thief on the doorstep. Marci Gonzalez has the story and advice on how best to the handle these situations yourself. Marci is in L.A. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning. Those cameras are so helpful. As you're about to see, in stopping them in ways they never saw coming. It was a sight captured all too aump on home security cameras this time of year. Those holiday deliveries disappears in the hands of thieves. But this morning, a warning to would-be grinches. Hey, twhat Are you doing? Reporter: Someone like Kate may be watching. It was very sbrens. Reporter: The getaway driver takes off. Apparently afraid by Anderson. She tackles the thief. Brings her back to the house. And holds her there until the police arrived. She was like, literally, I'm catching your address. I was like, no, girl, I have cameras. Reporter: Cameras in Michigan seeing this thief. The home owner seeing him approaching and chasing him away. The cameras deal with the case and the investigation. Now, it's able to alert the home owners when somebody comes close to their home. Reporter: Install a security system with live monitoring on your smartphone that includes alarm and voice fetches so you can reaction even if you're not home. Track packages. Make arrangements for someone to be home. Or sthoip a secure address. Don't put yourself in danger to catch a crook in the act. Though Anderson says she has no kre re greats. Somebody is doing something wrong. I'm not afraid to kind of put them in check. Reporter: And some other advi advice. Instead of approaching someone stealing from outside your home, just focus on being a good witness. Identify the type of vehicle. The license plate number. And take some extra photos and videos on your phone, if you can. That will help police in their investigation. Of course, we need to praise the nanny for her intentions. Like babysitter's club. Real life. Our nam nanny. I don't know if she would have gone after a package thief. But if you mess with our kid, she will mess you . Thank you, Marci. Test selection day this college football.

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{"duration":"2:34","description":"Surveillance video caught the moments that a nanny ran out of the house and chased down a thief who apparently stole a package off a front porch","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51543246","title":"Nanny chases down package thief in Washington","url":"/GMA/video/nanny-chases-package-thief-washington-51543246"}