Nat Geo Wild Kicks Off Big-Cat Week

Naturalist Case Anderson offers a sneak peak at the premiere episode.
2:43 | 12/07/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Nat Geo Wild Kicks Off Big-Cat Week
Won't be in cash lions and tigers and -- we're getting -- -- you mountain line. Big -- the week kicking off this Sunday on Nat geo wild an entire week's worth some of the most amazing. Mysterious and judging by this guy right here terrifying captain all the while and our good friend that was Casey and she joins us now to talk about big cat -- -- sneak peek. At the premiere episode and -- the animals will be seen Casey -- thought it would -- big cat week of course the think shark week there is it something comparable. The -- -- better. They're both animals and need help and that somewhere we're trying to do -- we distraught -- of these cats. Give people inspired to help these animals out because they need it in when you say they need help they're endangered -- -- because -- are few because we're encroaching on law are on their environment. -- and even -- prospective Korea. The last fifty years 90% a lion population is estimated well. -- -- -- he has habitats and is gone. And right now there's more tigers in captivity and Aaron -- -- let's get one of those tigers out here we have a Bengal tiger and his his or her name is. Her -- Morgan -- Morgan. And that what they like is there at the top -- -- fort Morgan is eight months old and Morgan -- gates huge Connie -- pounds hello I'm Morgan. And these cats and a perfect world would be in the wild sure we don't live in a perfect world -- -- big cat -- in the big cat initiative. We're trying to create people to want that perfect world exists so this is she well Haiti -- oh well you know it. And I got very Christmas to go to the mall they don't wanna go to mall -- -- -- -- So what you. Expansion joint exhibit market. Let's keep it can we please get to an -- guests please come out -- -- dear to me it's yes that day. A documentary and -- -- and thank you David Wagner. -- you -- you would think you never want to hear whoa whoa whoa during the -- These cats are -- they arrange all the way from Canada to South America noting they're everywhere this -- seems more dry pet the did she seem more its global. Existed in Morgan is that -- did make until they exist together they don't exist together but one thing about them cause they always look at the bigger animal -- -- little worried that the keeps he's got a live. These guys -- -- -- -- them a much bigger than this one and I'm terrified. Basically it shouldn't be about ninety -- she well yeah actually get her path as this or sister or sister a little more shy -- -- -- -- super elusive that's what's awesome about big -- week. The best filmmakers in the world are going out there -- is elusive cats and -- this footage for -- and bringing it right here. Your home Casey it is great to see -- again and stocking the mountain lion with Casey Anderson to premiere Sunday on that she allowed.

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{"duration":"2:43","description":"Naturalist Case Anderson offers a sneak peak at the premiere episode.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15103664","title":"Nat Geo Wild Kicks Off Big-Cat Week","url":"/GMA/video/nat-geo-wild-kicks-off-big-cat-week-15103664"}