Natalie Strawn on Her 282-Pound Weight Loss

The young woman and her mother discuss her amazing transformation.
3:48 | 12/12/11

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Transcript for Natalie Strawn on Her 282-Pound Weight Loss
She is -- net there she is you guys 300. -- -- We are they thought -- -- Really saying here it down and welcome. Your mom -- is here and I understand this is a family affair you guys are doing this together yes that must make a little bit easier ES have a partner. Get the -- like during TP Shalala telling me -- -- food share yes. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well. I was really got the car with gas I went -- to pay an about a brownie. Mom I don't but it's -- but and I put it on the console and as I start gracious will definitely go -- it -- straight up the car -- now that you really don't think that it I don't. It's -- does immediately. Degrading about having a partner as -- it's on the house. It's right that that's something else -- started at 556. Of lost nearly 300 yes and what's the call. It's 382. The list of -- news center which are dreaming but Jimmy once it. How -- -- -- and mean its Weight Watchers really Weight Watchers. -- -- about what the plane and gain Weight Watchers is the freedom and flexibility it gives me. There's no food -- off limits -- so I can needs. Basically whatever I want I watched a portion control all night and and doing it together with nominate doesn't have. Really been on this journey titled minor setback -- to hunt. -- authority I've gained thirty back but -- still. To keep seventy off the usually my pattern was -- sixty gained thirty -- fifty game you know yeah so to have kept it off I'm. Obviously so trying that I'm I think it really works you just have to do it and and I know exercise wasn't even really an option for you in the beginning now how did you -- that in the beginning I connect exercise at all and it went on tell us about almost a hundred pounds that's an accident hasn't answered doing tarot decks. And it was eighteen minutes long and it was -- -- eighteen of the -- Iowa. -- the first summit today it I was so autograph those. -- drenched in sweat pouring flat. And now I walk I do a two mile. Exercise dvd every day and then -- another goal of yours is not only to to -- under 200 pounds but -- -- To drive drive that's been a challenge yes -- -- 552 pounds it'll make cars for people of isn't. -- those things better than those simple pleasures you that you were saying how hard it is there are many would say you know what it's too hard. I mean how do you find -- strength I finally -- I think I have communicate and dismissing says if I ache about he'd get -- windows but it mice I don't know where -- -- from. My mom determined I'm determined I'm. I'm a little -- parent determines you're determined and are you going to allow us to. To be -- journey with you absolutely because because you -- be there for you want to help you want we want you to hopefully help so many others out there who are I want to look at you and I -- I can do it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So the all right thinking so this is pretty hard -- -- -- pretty well. Thinking and the journey continue this -- keep up the great work they Rea thanks for being here makes no more brownies. OK I have to initial or hate and she was -- -- -- no real we have to go they know you're very proud of how far -- Your daughter's comments that these are even the biggest one. Well congratulations. Really great thanks. -- -- -- --

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{"id":15136991,"title":"Natalie Strawn on Her 282-Pound Weight Loss","duration":"3:48","description":"The young woman and her mother discuss her amazing transformation.","url":"/GMA/video/natalie-strawn-extreme-282-pound-weight-loss-15136991","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}