Natalie Wood Case Reopened: Eyewitness Speaks

Marilyn Wayne says she heard Natalie Wood's final moments alive.
2:14 | 11/21/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Natalie Wood Case Reopened: Eyewitness Speaks
We turn now to -- -- in the death of Hollywood icon now -- thirty years ago and what this new witness has to say. It's chilling ABC's at in -- has more -- joins us this morning from Los Angeles morning happy. Good morning Robin Merrill and Wayne says she has no doubt that she heard Natalie wood's last cry for help. Now she's sitting down exclusively with Entertainment Tonight to talk about everything she says she remembers from that night. Thirty years ago. We heard. This female voice yelling for help somebody help me I'm drowning. How long -- the screaming go on for 25 minutes. Merrill and Wayne says it was around 11 PM November 28 1981. When she heard a woman screaming about forty feet from her vote she says the splendor a -- -- Natalie Wood her husband Robert Wagner. An actor Christopher Walken was nearby. Now in a written statement to investigators she writes I heard a man's voice say oh hold on were coming to get you. Not long after she says the cries for help and -- Wayne says she tried contacting police right away you but they were on responsive. But now investigators are looking at all angles. Reportedly even traveling to Hawaii to study the splendor which is still being used Dennis Devern was the boat's captain that night. He tells GMA he heard would in Wagner fighting just before she went missing. -- was strong assertion right. There are wired home you know. We're not going to do that now police have never accused -- of a crime he says he believes his wife slipped and fell into the water. But Natalie wood's sister Lana told CNN Friday she suspects Wagner isn't telling the whole story I don't think she found. -- -- pushed meanwhile the original detective told CBS's 48 hours Saturday he ran a fair investigation. I did not cover for anybody and I wouldn't cover anybody I don't care about their celebrity status. Police say Robert Wagner is not a suspect and his spokesperson tells us he is fully supportive of this new investigation.

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{"id":14996605,"title":"Natalie Wood Case Reopened: Eyewitness Speaks","duration":"2:14","description":"Marilyn Wayne says she heard Natalie Wood's final moments alive.","url":"/GMA/video/natalie-wood-case-reopened-eyewitness-speaks-14996605","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}