Nathan Fillion of 'Castle' Dishes on 4th Season

Actor explains why he thinks show is receiving highest ratings in four years.
3:04 | 11/21/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Nathan Fillion of 'Castle' Dishes on 4th Season
I -- -- billion people hot crime writing. Crime fighter on the hit babies -- Since this is very exciting for me Robin I feel like -- the reporter on the street. I was actually quite know what it's a good -- to look good. About Mike against I'm sorry -- that yes -- this just aren't right I'll get more on the -- were more. And everybody. As part of the reason we adore you and this is how castle as the show it's very light -- and people really want that right now yeah you don't have been -- People ask me why is -- doing well articulated diesel like -- is lighthearted -- -- London. Does not senator overly dramatic you -- of -- -- -- -- true it's a little bit of a clip for that one or two people who may not be familiar. With this show and let's let's a couple of bad because. Yeah you think it takes -- -- -- This character castle a detective -- get -- just. -- with our emotions aren't they together are they not gonna get together well that sets us up to them. -- -- -- -- -- You lose it inquiring minds want -- yeah -- a few months now his name is Roger I think Roger. Don't find daily -- a few -- have a Josh Groban CD hopefully Newington I'm not naming clerics Roger has the most incredible. Resistance than what does that does that I think it is for strength training he's -- physical therapist. Anybody was still. -- -- -- -- Get together a lot. He's not talking I don't look and this may might problem -- and that I help but nobody is willing. Number -- what -- I view my personal view is. If they -- -- -- didn't I mean I'm still I'm humbled must remember moonlighting I -- the smooth little get together. It is this -- I think I'm over a long long long castle runs a lot to me that says -- Did you get light the mystery go to that we don't. -- have spoken in Europe for some People's Choice Awards to. -- -- my god damn my upper people's institute of a front line is certainly did your Twitter followers error. Is there will house. Feel what it's actually pretty great because the People's Choice Awards to submit -- you can be really if you Internet savvy Miller high alert. If you're following me on Twitter my fans already -- -- an Internet -- -- people. I think. It's I think you -- -- I -- because you're also doggone good. Funny good Nathan come back any time I think a million people are amazing you know -- -- -- morning person to come here you know what do you want to street. Doesn't only look -- Tennessee. Our reporting -- right now castle airs on ABC --

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{"duration":"3:04","description":"Actor explains why he thinks show is receiving highest ratings in four years.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14997210","title":"Nathan Fillion of 'Castle' Dishes on 4th Season","url":"/GMA/video/nathan-fillion-castle-dishes-4th-season-14997210"}