Young NBA Finals Singer Sparks Racist Firestorm

Racist tweets follow a young Mexican-American boy's powerful performance of the national anthem.
2:29 | 06/14/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Young NBA Finals Singer Sparks Racist Firestorm
Young Mexican American singer just eleven years old male but the National Anthem before the NBA finals in San Antonio. Only to be attacked with great especially after his performance. And ABC's John Q&A -- crowd made -- of San Antonio -- spoke with the details that youngsters here. With historically. Since day absolutely and thank you -- you know it sounds like one of our what would you do scenario so young all American kid viciously criticized after singing -- the National Anthem simply. Not because of the -- things but because of the color of his skin but it wasn't what would you do this really happened. Me again it's. Yeah. -- He's a little only with a huge. Powerful. Beautiful. Boy it's a -- in that -- -- just happens to be Mexican American. Born and raised in San Antonio Texas but when he sang the National Anthem at the MBA finals Tuesday night. Some people lashed out at him on the -- questions questions about students heritage. Even his patriotism. One tweet read this kid -- Mexican why is he singing the National Anthem you're not American go home. I always think it well. It was while people -- -- like that about me last night on the heels of those vicious attacks the San Antonio Spurs invited young Sebastien and to sing them. Yet again what went through your mind when they invited you to come back again to sing -- overjoyed. -- -- -- had me I actually started to shake. And sing the -- And news me. When all the emotion and patriotism his little caught us on his young heart. Could deliver is a class act he makes you feel that the future to be very bright what do you say to people who have such hatred in their hearts. -- to people that do have hatred in their hearts I just find children. That they should think before they -- gains. -- -- Go Sebastien go to Miami hit one last night but clearly inside better arena judging from the response the biggest losers. Bigotry. And hatred to.

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{"id":19400882,"title":"Young NBA Finals Singer Sparks Racist Firestorm","duration":"2:29","description":"Racist tweets follow a young Mexican-American boy's powerful performance of the national anthem.","url":"/GMA/video/nba-finals-anthem-singe-sparks-racist-tweets-mexican-19400882","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}