NBA Gets Off to a Late Start

Season begins today after months of negotiations between players and owners.
2:31 | 12/25/11

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Transcript for NBA Gets Off to a Late Start
It's a big day for pro basketball fans they're getting -- special Christmas gift from the start of the lockout delayed NBA schedule. Five big games are on tap today to -- on ABC and to our sister network ESPN. Here is a look at the stars to watch for this season -- ESPN and ABC's -- NBA play by play commentator Mike brain good to see you pay me out so let's shortened schedule impact of the season overall. Hard to tell how we're in uncharted waters but it's going to be chaotic you're gonna see some sloppy play early on. You're -- see maybe some of the younger teams because they are fresh legs and there will younger can do more things play better early. What is probably gonna take about a monthly figure out who the contenders and who the pretended. -- typical season has 82 games we're gonna have 66 now. It's a lot can't sort of impact the industry as a whole or our fans once the games start again getting back into -- I think we would have been in trouble the whole season was lost and we were close to that in my opinion the way that. Finals ended with Miami and Dallas the -- probably in the best place it's been since Michael Jordan retired so there was a lot of interest the casual fans came back. So I think that momentum can continue would have been destroyed if we had a full season. Thrown away and you and I think they'll be back and you mentioned I -- -- -- were gonna see them actually today tell us some of the other injured in a seat. Well you've got the lakers in the Chicago bulls and the lakers have a little revenge they get swept in the second round last year the Chicago Bulls have the best record but they lost to the Miami Heat. Eric Rosen Kevin Durant and -- two players you say to keep an eye on this season any other names out there. Well you've got usual how to they bounce back I was Kobe Bryant's Bryant bounced back he's got a new coach Phil Jackson's gone. So how to lakers. I'm older Laker team to finally try comeback win another title and -- that the champions you can't forget about them Dirk Nowitzki proved himself to be one of the great players. In the history of the game last year. They lost some key players but can they defend their -- and -- a busy day -- Two games drag running tell -- -- -- California we get to see the rematch of the finals Dallas Miami that's going to be fun and that we're gonna fly out to Oakland oral book partner Mark Jackson who team with Jeff Van Gundy. And me for the -- -- he's having his coaching debut with the Golden State Warriors so we'll get to torment him tackle and an insult them as much as humanly possible. -- didn't get pitcher either stand on its way to make it happen a -- -- -- -- I greatly appreciate it -- are coming in. And you can see an NBA doubleheader here on ABC today the heat take on the -- -- at 2:30 PM eastern and the lakers host the Chicago Bulls at 5 PM.

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{"duration":"2:31","description":"Season begins today after months of negotiations between players and owners.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15230363","title":"NBA Gets Off to a Late Start","url":"/GMA/video/nba-off-late-start-15230363"}