NBA Star Shoots Hoops With 14-Year-Old Playing Alone

Robbie McNulty, 14, from Cambridge, Massachusetts, couldn't believe Boston Celtics' Isaiah Thomas played basketball with him.
3:18 | 09/12/16

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Transcript for NBA Star Shoots Hoops With 14-Year-Old Playing Alone
Let me just question. Who is your favorite sports hero when you're a kid growing up where little. Who is yours I think what I was very little obsessed with Pelé Palin. Tom Seaver Tom Seaver Robert Arthur rational. If you were a little bit younger that you were at the Parker at one of those sports venues just practicing all of a sudden that. Favorite player appeared showed up. To get a practice session that's exactly what happened to fourteen year old Robert rob McNulty. From Cambridge Massachusetts allowing us to look at this picture that's him posting a photo with his favorite NBA basketball player that Isiah Thomas. Point guard. For the Boston Celtics and Robbie certainly could. Couldn't believe it himself and we actually got Robbie joining us right now that's got to talk about what went down and Riley. And grabbing what. I was going on in your head when you saw Isiah Thomas approached you on the basketball court. Wall. That it was really just insane because someone else find back mobile forty came. I die Alice kind of laugh Fossum and walking toward me what you know healing that tall so I didn't expect. Not a good night. Paul an eyewitness took another look at night all I know that my dad but I you England Pat Paulsen. She without bought half court and then I accidentally shot and I turned around and then he's just like. Staring at a new site walking towards me and you know I immediately known only as some of you Celtics fans wouldn't think I'm just I just. I'm this nation's finest like how tonight on. And did you ask him to finally we have you heard he along did he and that. You play with them light on mr. among like five seconds. Com and then finally like Kenny yes me yes me if I can if he can pile need long wanting good gas. He exits and again. I'm not really win in Colorado talk about lake the celtics' Leon few shots saying you know asking. My name in my go to school lion. You know laughs and why is hair and he set down his son goes across great he's assembled school cross street some on sight and it's a critical need an iPhone apps article. So but the thought on medical school cost me. Scarlett somebody we've got religion not exported from someone very very special way to take a listener that's okay. Check this out man. Was robbing this Isiah Thomas. Thanks so let me Hsu whose whose the other day. Keep working on that jumper. I know we talked about this upcoming season and I like to invite you to want to market as my guest. So you have to guard. Celtics basketball game wanna say congratulations and he just started high schools and good luck with bat. Enjoy the game at the southern and on this. Guests can gradually I. Yeah.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"Robbie McNulty, 14, from Cambridge, Massachusetts, couldn't believe Boston Celtics' Isaiah Thomas played basketball with him. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42029273","title":"NBA Star Shoots Hoops With 14-Year-Old Playing Alone","url":"/GMA/video/nba-star-shoots-hoops-14-year-playing-42029273"}