Nelson Mandela Remains in Hospital

Former South African leader fights a lung infection.
2:26 | 06/09/13

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Transcript for Nelson Mandela Remains in Hospital
We want to get straight to that developing story out of south africa. Nelson mandela, a global symbol of peace as people around him are sounding increasely concerned. His countrymen are praying for mandela's health. Brandi hitt is right there in pretoria with the latest. Reporter: Good morning. We're waiting for the government to release the latest on nelson mande mandela's condition. I have to tell you when you read this morning's headlines in the paper, they describe the mood out on the street. Mandela fights for his life. This one reads it is time to let him go. This is a statement that was given by mandela's longtime friend. He gave the statement this morning to the sunday times. Nelson mandela was brought here about 1:30 saturday morning for a recurring lung infection. We're told his wife has been by his side the entire time. This is the fourth time the former south african president and civil rights leader has been hospitalized in the last six months. Three of those visits were really focused on this lung infection. He's continued to battle back each and every time from this illness. But there is a senior government official who has described mandela's condition this time around bad. There were church services this morning where many were praying for mandela. I have also spoken to many people here and it's just too difficult for them to talk about mandela's condition. You say when you look at this meant to this nation they don't want to discuss his health right now. He's about to 95 next month. As his friend said in the article he said this time is to quote, release him so god may have his own way. Normally some of the mandela's family friends come out and make a statement. They haven't so far. And they're asking for their privacy, dan. Signs of concern for this morning. He has battled back before. Brandi hitt reporting from south africa this morning. Now to santa monica this

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{"id":19358200,"title":"Nelson Mandela Remains in Hospital","duration":"2:26","description":"Former South African leader fights a lung infection.","url":"/GMA/video/nelson-mandela-remains-hospital-19358200","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}