'Real Housewives' Star Nene Leakes Talks Moment of Reality With Health Scare

Reality TV personality and "Glee" actress reveals what lies ahead for the future of her empire.
3:00 | 12/18/13

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Transcript for 'Real Housewives' Star Nene Leakes Talks Moment of Reality With Health Scare
Thank you. Thanks, guys. We absolutely do. We're joined by reality star and we should mention, actress, nene. The star brought down last month with a terrifying health scare. She's joining us now. Telling us what's on "the real housewives of atlanta" and "glee." Tell us how you're feeling. I was at work. And I started feeling a pain under my right breast that kind of went around to my side and in my back. And then, the next morning, the pain was in those places and on my right shoulder. It was really different. And I wasn't sick as in a cold. I was feeling like -- I didn't feel like something was wrong. My husband, on the other hand, kept saying, you have gas. I'm like, really? This is not gas for a pain to be on my shoulder. I decided to go to the hospital. And once I was there, they tested me. They did a lot of bloodwork. And then, they did an x-ray. And then, a c.T. Scan. And they discovered the clots all over my right lung and some in my left lung. Were you having trouble breathing? I wasn't having trouble breathing at all. Just having a lot of pain. First time you felt it? First time ever. I felt it for two days. The second day I went to the hospital. Initially, you thought it might be all the traveling because you're doing housewives and the acting. You're coast-to-coast, back and forth. Now, maybe genetics? Maybe genetics. They're doing photo testing for me, to see if it's genetic or not. Right now, I'm currently on blood thinners, which is helping my blood to be a lot thinner, so the blood clots can go away. Thank god you caught it. This can be a fatal condition? It can be. It was really tough. Is it slowing you down at all? A little. I'm not 100%. I'm about 80%. I have good days bad days. Yesterday wasn't a good day for me. And today, hopefully will be a good day. How is your family handling it? It was tough. I'd never been to the hospital before ever. It was tough. It was hard for us. In the midst of all of this, you are so busy. Yeah. You're the last of the mohicans. I am. You're the only original housewife left on the show. How is that? It's different. I never thought in a million years I would say this. But I kind of miss the old girls a little bit. That is something for you to say that. The deal is, we started together. It's sort of like a journey we had together. I miss them in that way. I'm with a bunch of new girls now. It's okay. It's okay. Is there anybody that really gets your goat? Well, you know, not everyone. Makes great television, of course. Tell me about your "glee" character. You're starring in "glee." What can we expect to see from that? I've been on "glee" for three seasons. I play coach roz. I love being on "glee." "Glee" is amazing. One of our characters passed away. That was tough for everybody. We got set back in or start date. We're in full force right now. I'm enjoying it. Nice to see you in the sweats. Congratulations on the acting. I'm so proud of you. I'm so proud. Me and lara go way back. I'm proud of you, lara. Thank you. This is about you. And I really, I love seeing you in the sweats. Just diving into that character. We know this nene, full-tilt glam on the show. And really, you take us on a journey with that show. It's great fun to watch. Thank you so much. I am a girlie girl. I like to do everything, the hair, the makeup, the clothes. We want to make sure that people who watch you, "real housewives of atlanta," sunday nights at 8:00 p.M.

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{"id":21258841,"title":"'Real Housewives' Star Nene Leakes Talks Moment of Reality With Health Scare","duration":"3:00","description":"Reality TV personality and \"Glee\" actress reveals what lies ahead for the future of her empire.","url":"/GMA/video/nene-leakes-interview-2013-real-housewives-star-health-21258841","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}