Netflix fires Danny Masterson amid sexual assault allegations

Three women claim "The Ranch" star raped them in the early 2000s but Masterson was never charged with a crime and has denied all the allegations.
6:41 | 12/06/17

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Transcript for Netflix fires Danny Masterson amid sexual assault allegations
Now the new fallout in Hollywood another actor fired amid allegations of sexual assault. Netflix dropping Danny Masterson from the show the ranch following accusations of rape from years ago. He joins a growing list in Hollywood facing accusations then lost film and TV projects of them became enemy have more. All that's that's right we know that Masterson was fired on Tuesday by Netflix the accusations as you say go back to the early two thousands when he was starring in the hit sitcom. That's seventy show we'll now Masterson is firing back and he is fueling the emerging debate. But how to treat people who deny accusations against them and have not been charged with a crime. Danny Masterson who shot at fame in That '70s Show they wouldn't take and Marie's greatest hits. Was first publicly accused of sexual assault this past march when three women claimed he read them in the early two thousands. Masterson was never charged with a crime and strenuously denied all the allegations. He continued starring on the Netflix show the ranch. As busy of those. But this morning Netflix which already cut ties with two of their biggest stars. Kevin Spacey and Louie CK after allegations of sexual misconduct announced they have fired Masterson from the ranch telling ABC news. Monday was his last day on the show and production will resume in early 2018. Without him. Masterson fired back with his own statement writing. From day one I have denied the outrageous allegations against me. Law enforcement investigated these claims more than fifteen years ago and determined them to be without merit. The actor adding in this country you are presumed innocent until proven guilty however in the current climate it seems as if you are presumed guilty the moment you were accused. Fans aren't patient. They're not gonna wait for somebody who has been accused by multiple women few actually be charged and convicted for they expect action on the part of studios according to a report in the Huffington Post. One woman alleging he forced himself on her at a house party. Then choked her when she fought back. The LE PD reportedly investigating then closing that case back in 2004. After the church of science technology a bushmaster sin is a lifelong member. Allegedly submitted over fifty affidavits in support of the actor at least one of the cases against masters and still being investigated according to the LAPD. Overnight a Hollywood legend questioning a possible rush to judgment against some of those accused of sexual misconduct. Oscar winner Dustin Hoffman accused by a former intern of lewd comments and inappropriate touching on the 1985 said of the TV movie death of his salesman. When she was seventeen. Firing back when questioned by HBO host John Oliver at an event Monday night. Yes want. No. Now Hoffman maintains he did nothing wrong when the story first broke he offered this statement I have the utmost respect for women and feel terrible that anything I might have done could have put her in an uncomfortable situation I am sorry. It is not reflective of who I am. As for masters and he and emphatically denies the allegations saying he has never been charged with a crime let alone convicted of. One all right let's continue this conversation they knew that bring in our chief legal correspondent Dan Abrams a former People Magazine editor. Larry Hackett here we are again and you heard in Jamie's report Masterson has strongly deny. These accusations and he says you know you're innocent until proven guilty yeah I think that innocent until proven guilty is little bit of misunderstood freight it's right that is what applies in criminal court when the government has the power to take away your freedom. We intentionally stacked the deck in favor of the defendant to say we're not gonna put you in jail a less we can prove this really high standard. That doesn't mean the rest of society. Has to apply the standard of innocent until proven guilty it means that the rest a society has to be careful. About what they do. They shouldn't just be rationed take action against someone. I think that the challenge for him here is the serial nature of the allegations and the type of allegation. You're not talking about like Dustin Hoffman you're talking about allegations of rape. And you're talking about according to reports from multiple accusers not puts Netflix and in a tough spot. I'm glad you cleared it up like that because when Europe but there's the so many different cases out there and this one as you know. We feel very serious and we in the law always talk about first degree second degree their degree and I think it's important to do that in this context to which is to say there are the most certainly is the Harvey Weinstein right which involves. An enormous number of them and it includes allegations of sexual assault. And then it goes down from there to the bottom ones which are inappropriate comments at setter. And I think that the different kinds of allegations have to be treated differently and some of the adversary in the fight back because we self worth worked Ratner like he is suing for defamation do you think we're gonna see more now. We'll look at it depends if they didn't do it you'll see that is suing the problem was with something like Ratner is there a number of allegations against him in his only one person he's going after. It's just the serial nature is when it gets it it these guys into trouble because then you have to say the Bill Cosby for example seems to wanna cherry pick at times which ones might not have done it. A you either have to say it's all not true. None of the it is true. Or you know or not. And Larry we've seen the Hollywood react very swiftly to these allegations and accusations is up. In part is this about the fear of losing audiences. Shortly case of Netflix has a subscription service writes in new brand are trying to get as many customers as they want they wanna be known for their programming off for having stars. The been accused of sexual assaults on the their particular case yes. They want to get away from this. You know Hollywood these organizations and Hollywood is they need the studios and the media organizations are groping for some kind of bottom line right they want some order to this alike as Dan said it's sort of floating out there now and you have incredibly serious criminal charges voting against. You know what are accusations of bad behavior they wanna see some kind of like floor said and a way to proceed and right now they don't have that so they're groping case by case by case in which means will be here again talking about it later on. In terms of how to proceed up obviously the goal be to prevent this type of thing. It seems unreasonable to think they'd be able to do a background check on everyone working on their said so how to they insure a safe workplace. I abilities to broader brush the fact of the matter is a lot of cases mostly cases we're talking about their reputations that precede them are these are shocking cases but a lot of times we kind of know these individuals are you can do that you can make some checks and get ahead of it as best you can right now need to do that that's all right guys thanks so much.

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{"id":51609952,"title":"Netflix fires Danny Masterson amid sexual assault allegations","duration":"6:41","description":"Three women claim \"The Ranch\" star raped them in the early 2000s but Masterson was never charged with a crime and has denied all the allegations. ","url":"/GMA/video/netflix-fires-danny-masterson-amid-sexual-assault-allegations-51609952","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}