New Hampshire Republican Debate 2012

GOP Candidates have a final chance to plead their case before the primary.
2:39 | 01/07/12

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Transcript for New Hampshire Republican Debate 2012
Your voice your vote just hours from now -- Republican candidates will battle it out and are crucial debate -- Three days ago before the first primary in New Hampshire ABC's John Berman is at the site of tonight's big fight in Manchester with the very latest good morning to you John. Morning be out of all this has all the makings of political mayhem six candidates -- on this stage all with different goals because this is what they know. After this debate -- after what happens here on Tuesday. There will likely not be six of them left in this race in this really could be their last chance to break out. And spaghetti supper last night Mitt Romney was walking talking eating like a front runner taking nothing for granted. They -- of those polls they can just disappear overnight but this year -- -- Romney with a huge 24 point lead here. -- -- to try in both the -- young Republicans were in focus on the president like he did overnight. It's this president doesn't understand how this economy works he's also failed here. In our own economy he failed to put Americans back to work. She admits stay above the fray it's like -- look at these fight for third. Gingrich Santorum who Huntsman mission -- -- need a pretty -- Up up Romney -- opponents have to say to somebody get real he is a Massachusetts moderate. -- -- -- -- -- In New Hampshire for months any deal was without a strong finish your -- it we've got the tyranny of a clock against us right now. And were moving as quickly as we can in this series mission Santorum. After the Iowa surprise he wants. Is the alternative to Mitt Romney. He told ABC's Jake Tapper of hopefully -- clips on the other folks have been spending more time here and more money here and we have but he won't need. Easy feast -- -- frenzy of supporters and reporters. And even -- here. Now his new popularity has -- this -- speeding its peg dead from Ron Paul Rick Santorum. A record of the trail. They're -- hypocrite and mission Paul all alone in second place. Ron Paul. He's passionate supporters love it. You can expect him to try to pick up more boats -- an orange -- he brags about being for the balanced budget amendment and never did anything about it no one said politics was always not. Candidates stand on stage is determined -- where they stand in the polls in Rick Santorum tonight will be standing right in the middle next to Mitt Romney. It shows how fast he's risen in past debates he's been out near Guam but tonight he'll be in the spotlight.

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{"duration":"2:39","description":"GOP Candidates have a final chance to plead their case before the primary.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15310947","title":"New Hampshire Republican Debate 2012","url":"/GMA/video/new-hampshire-republican-debate-2012-gop-candidates-primary-election-politics-15310947"}