Christie on Santorum's Satan Remarks

N.J. governor talks to George Stephanopoulos about the 2012 presidential race.
4:27 | 02/22/12

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Transcript for Christie on Santorum's Satan Remarks
I talked to one of Mitt Romney's top supporters right -- New Jersey governor Chris Christie thanks for joining us thanks George let's talk about these these comments -- religion coming up right now this 2008 speech from Rick Santorum saying that. He said Satan has his sights set. Un American is making progress. Santorum is not backing down but he also says it's not relevant is he right. Listen I think anything you say as a presidential candidate is relevant. I mean it it's by definition relevant you're asked to be present -- United States so. I don't think he's right about that I think it is relevant what he says -- the people wanna make an evaluation but complete evaluation of anybody who asks. -- the Oval Office so I think it's -- that I. In that respect -- I think -- the things we should be. As a party talking about and emphasizing at the moment now we'll ultimately wanted to get to next because he saw Mitt Romney last -- -- -- Obama's fought against -- that comes on top of santorum's comments saying the president as a phony theology is just the debate Republicans want. I don't think so but what -- where we'll tell you is that I think that. The idea of the fighting gets religion piece of this. Goes more to the Obama care issue. And the invasion of obamacare -- maybe some religious freedom issues. I think that's an interest -- conversation import more than half in the context of overall Obama care with the could mean. For the country if it goes forward after the Supreme Court arguments this spring but. In -- where I think at least we're seeing New Jersey George is there were people want to hear about his what do you do for the economy. How are you create more jobs I can couple my neighbor work -- could help put meat work. So that we can get back to supporting -- -- and that's what you talked about yesterday new budget speech introduce your budget New Jersey called for 10% income tax cut investments in education. He also tell what you called in New Jersey come back here pointing out that our -- has gone from ten point 1% to about 9%. Across the country implant unemployment going from ten point 2% to eight point 3% -- can. President Obama make the same claim that the United States United States is on a comeback I'm sure you will and -- and I think. This that's his right to do of people value -- this and we people who New Jersey. Will evaluate you know my claims in my evaluation of worst incident as well but. You think about us and in 2009. We lost a 1171000. Private sector jobs George since I've been governor -- -- another 60000 private sector jobs back. So -- worse it was a New Jersey comeback has begun. It's not complete we have more work to do but that's why I think it's now time for us -- -- people -- -- -- -- -- sacrifices shared sacrifice. -- are shared benefits for everybody -- some of their money back. -- also in this income tax sure -- -- increasing spending for education that we're now spending more kids what was -- New Jersey plot puts -- adopted. That at any time the State's history nearly nine billion dollars so. We're doing the press -- -- -- two people were also say the people. You mix of separates and give you some your money back -- turn back to the presidential race a lot of your fellow Republicans worrying about what happens if Mitt Romney loses. In Michigan and Politico reported that some are privately asking -- you still. To think about getting back in the race isn't true yes what do they think Alison. Even -- offensively we said before what I sit -- that is of supporting Mitt Romney. And up into every American to make sure he wins the nomination. And it's going to be president of gender 2013 no way no how you're not getting it no matter what -- will without have to say the answer is no. And and I'm supporting governor Romney and I don't think there's been any mystery about the fact that I've gone. To many places around the country supporting -- helping and helping to raise money helping him campaign. And I'm committed to governor why can't he close this deal I listen I think part of the nature of the way we change the rules. I was a big mistake we voted against it in the New Jersey delegation. To go to proportional. Allocation of delegates. It's just to string this thing out against an incumbent president. Which makes no sense forces apart it's what voted no and I hope the people the party who voted yes for that are now rethinking their editors John McCain says that this long drawn out campaign in the tone -- -- Is actually hurting Republican candidates we have -- people at this morning. Showing President Obama opening up an eight and nine point lead. Over governor Romney and Rick Santorum is this campaign. Hurting your party well I think it always does I think that you saw with -- that the Hillary Clinton Barack Obama. Drawn out affair as well below their favorability ratings stay high during that fight what -- -- did George but it's still visa V that McCain who had wrapped it up. It was a much more competitive race as they continue to beat each other up. And I think it's just natural what will happen though I think it's what's we -- a nominee you'll be governor -- ready to be. They'll probably by April -- so -- so I think it will be I think to establish what what to Begin. And -- be well maybe not have the delegates and -- will be clearly that the the person's gonna get the nomination then UC tighten up again because that people say okay. Now I'm preparing Mitt Romney to the president and I think you see tight beginning -- -- political races before so but dreadfully worried about that part of it. But I do think it should -- this is a party which should never change the rules because what we're doing now is -- -- probably -- Governor Christie thanks very much thank you George.

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{"duration":"4:27","description":"N.J. governor talks to George Stephanopoulos about the 2012 presidential race.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15764187","title":"Christie on Santorum's Satan Remarks","url":"/GMA/video/new-jersey-governor-chris-christie-relevance-santorums-satan-remarks-15764187"}