New Theory in Navy Pilot Murder Investigation

Police continue to investigate potential motives that lead to this tragedy.
2:23 | 01/07/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Theory in Navy Pilot Murder Investigation
A New Year's Day murder mystery involving -- of this country's. Military elite four people including two navy fighter pilots were killed in San Diego in what police now say it was a murder suicide they're still not exactly sure what happened. But online postings from one of the pilots paint a picture of a disturbed young men here's ABC's Tanya -- John Robert Reeves was the best of the best a top gun navy pilot flying F eighteen fighter jets. But behind the hot shot exterior his life with seemingly falling apart. In online posts on a car forum he seemed to be crying out for help. I might come across as a nice guy he wrote. But I unintentionally screw people over on a regular basis. -- is now the center of a murder mystery on New Year's morning he allegedly shot and killed his fellow pilot David -- Reese's sister Karen and a third person Matthew -- early before killing himself. Oppose -- new insight into just what may have set him off. Whenever I tried to do something nice to help people out he wrote it goes horribly wrong and every one would've been better off -- I just kept to myself if. We look in the background of the shooter I'd be surprised if there weren't depression. Are other signs of mental illness that have gone untreated the -- even caused concern over other members in the forum. Doesn't the navy have some sort of psych screening for its flight program serious question. Here's somebody a lay person saying. Dude you are in serious trouble in the forum he also complains that despite his high flying job he had trouble with girls with even emergent. Writing my life is sad and lonely. That last post hints at one angle police are investigating. -- jealous rage perhaps over -- interest be a motive. The destinations are there are 15100 to 2000 murder suicides in the United States each year. The primary mid -- are intimate relationships. Gone wrong. Police tell ABC news that is just one possible motive they are investigating. The funeral for siblings David and Karen -- will be held today in Bakersfield California and it will include a flyover by four F eighteen. Poignant -- Tanya thank you for your coverage this morning.

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{"id":15311068,"title":"New Theory in Navy Pilot Murder Investigation","duration":"2:23","description":"Police continue to investigate potential motives that lead to this tragedy. ","url":"/GMA/video/new-theory-navy-pilot-murder-investigation-police-potential-motives-tragedy-us-15311068","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}