Newlywed Murder Trial: Victim Allegedly Blindfolded

Jordan Linn Graham is accused of pushing her husband of eight days off a cliff.
3:38 | 11/11/13

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Transcript for Newlywed Murder Trial: Victim Allegedly Blindfolded
We turn now to the latest on the montana newly wed charged with pushing her husband off a cliff eight days after their windowing. Talk of a new and more shocking allegation. Ryan owens is tracking the case. Reporter: Did newly wed jordan graham blindfold her young husband, cody johnson, before shoving him off a cliff a mere eight days after their wedding? That's the explosive allegation her defense attorney is claiming prosecutors may make during her murder trial scheduled to start next month. Her attorney wrist, premeditation may be proved because the government now believes jordan placed a blindfold on cody before pushing him off the ledge sflp the most important part of the blindfold is the context that it got on cody's face, if it was there. Reporter: She pled not guilty to murdering johnson. Saying when he fell to his death in july, it was an accident. But prosecutors allege she shoved her new husband because she didn't love him and then repeatedly lied to cover her crime. I never, ever expected her to be capable of hurting someone to that degree. He would have given her anything. Reporter: For the first time, her attorney is saying here's what happened. In her own words. From her recorded interview with authorities. He said, I could do this with a blindfold on. He said, I could just put it on, take a step, but I worldn't even fall. She said her husband tried to grab for her arm or her jacket. I said no. I said I am not going to let this happen to me. I'm going defend myself. Soy kind of said, let go. And I pushed. And he went over. ♪ Everyone wants a safe place to fall ♪ Reporter: All just days after the seemingly happy couple danced to that as their first song. For "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, dallas. Let's get more from chief legal affairs anchor dan abrams. This blindfolding seems like a big deal. Why are we hearing from the the defense? The prosecution is not convinced it was a part of the case. The defense is saying they're considering this possibility. We want to prevent them from admitting evidence on this if it turns out to be the case. If it does this is a fundamental game-changer for the case. You're going from someone who they seemed to be taking her word for it so to some degree. But if this was a case where she blindfolded him, the real possibility of premeditation and a fundamental change in the case. A difference in accounts from the defense and the fbi agents. That is the most important thing we're getting. She's saying, I never said what they say I said. I never said he turned his back and I pushed him. She is now saying, that he was grabbing her arm and to effectively get away from him, she pushed. That is the difference between murder and the possibility of not a crime at all. That's why this seems like plea for some kind of a deal. The defense is going after the prosecution for everything. It's not fair. This isn't tear. This isn't fair. The reality is, it seems they're looking for a plea. They're saying, we can't effectively plead from where the prosecution has left us. Dan abrams, thank you.

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{"duration":"3:38","description":"Jordan Linn Graham is accused of pushing her husband of eight days off a cliff.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20849538","title":"Newlywed Murder Trial: Victim Allegedly Blindfolded","url":"/GMA/video/newlywed-murder-trial-victim-allegedly-blindfolded-20849538"}