Newt Gingrich Drops in Polls, Tied With Mitt Romney

Matthew Dowd discusses a new poll that has the two candidates in a dead heat.
2:15 | 12/20/11

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Transcript for Newt Gingrich Drops in Polls, Tied With Mitt Romney
Bring -- Matthew got right now to get a little bit more on this John had a good phrase voters looking for new products and Republican primaries and caucuses this appeal and really -- -- he says especially for someone else to get. -- it did it because if it becomes a brokered convention she's right if it. -- nobody -- this thing up within the first couple of months in somebody different wins -- -- -- Hampshire different in South Carolina a person up player could come in light and be a major force at the convention so I don't know -- her. Her she just wanted I didn't get on the ballot it would have to be a -- -- call it would really caught me could have a series of favorite -- their favorite daughters and a brokered convention that they determine who the nominee is let's look at what's happening you look beneath the numbers and it seems like Romney is open up a big lead and it over who. Is more electable -- more able to be. President Obama says you get -- Iowa are the voters getting a little more practical that's what they're more concerned with yet this -- reminds me of that your kids at Christmas where they walked out on a sea of red wagon and it's like well that's boring -- -- up at fancy gift -- then open up in -- breaks and they opened up another one it -- -- -- with a lot of both on and -- keep looking at the red wagon. Mitt Romney's like the red wagon did they know it's reliable -- but they don't feel happy about it. India and they're gonna have to make that choice and that choice is coming up -- -- whether we think he can win. More likely to go for yet because the they hate what they -- just as soon dislike Obama more than they would like to nominate O'Reilly probably came up a little bit early -- show those poll numbers -- President Obama right there he's now to 49%. Approval that's up seven points this -- his highest. Since the spring what's that about. I think that he's got a great did. Good coach -- going on between him and the Republicans in congress who as you know are absolutely despised right now and so when he brings those differences delight when he goes out in the country and fight for the middle class against the Washington republic Republicans he benefits. But I also think he's getting a little lift from people's seeing their own financials situation has improved slightly bell improve so he's getting a little -- that that. But he's also benefiting from the fact that the Republican nomination process looks like a circus right now and he gets a benefit from but -- -- is that who we're gonna have to pick from. I think -- a Republican nominees in place this race will be very competitive which is why the White House wants this fight to go on for long they would want it to go past April and go into a convention if they possibly could pick Matthew -- thanks for him.

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{"id":15195500,"title":"Newt Gingrich Drops in Polls, Tied With Mitt Romney","duration":"2:15","description":"Matthew Dowd discusses a new poll that has the two candidates in a dead heat.","url":"/GMA/video/newt-gingrich-drops-polls-tied-mitt-romney-15195500","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}