Newt Gingrich Says He Can 'Shake Up Washington'

George Stephanopoulos talks to Gingrich on his South Carolina primary comeback.
4:47 | 01/23/12

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Transcript for Newt Gingrich Says He Can 'Shake Up Washington'
Get right to Newt Gingrich right now the former speaker of the house. Good morning mr. speaker congratulations on that big victory. Thank you -- and if I might just a moment I just want to comment that. Joseph Paterno was a good friend I had used him -- I was speaker. As an advisor and personnel issues he was remarkably wise. It was a very sad to hear about his passing away he. It's truly a legends not just in football but. And the steady work he did for so many years. No question just the public comment on that -- -- reporter I'm glad he did thank you mr. speaker you know when your victory getting. Spoils of victory which means a whole new volley of attacks. From Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum you heard you heard Romney -- he's gonna make a big deal about the money you make from that housing giant Freddie Mac tied to housing crisis. In Florida have a specific question. -- -- release the consulting contract your company had with Freddie Mac before the Florida primary. Well -- -- the -- route information to work out releasing it. They have a number of confidentiality agreements I'm very comfortable with -- being released you know the whole thing -- very ironic that George. Here's somebody who was released none of his business records. Who has decided to make -- stand on transparency without being transparent. We released a -- late last week. In which we show. Huckabee. And McCain in 20072008. Both describing Romney is fundamentally not honest. Not so many news -- -- -- just and has -- does campaign -- me an example. I didn't know lobbying period he -- -- resort to obvious because I'm sure his consultants Thomas scores well it's not true he knows it's not true. He's deliberately saying things he -- or false. This thing that's what the next week -- be like I want to talk about big issues and we talk about Romney here. I would draw contrast -- Romney care and obamacare which are virtually identical. And what I would do. In developing patient power and allowing people and their doctors to be in charge. So closely I think people of Florida who prefer big solutions. To small negative attacks and I think. In the end just -- happened South Carolina governor Romney's liberal record in Massachusetts. Plus in the style of his campaign. Will end up I think. Having him -- just one follow obviously you're happy to have those records -- you first said that a few weeks ago but they haven't been released by the company do you want them to do before the Florida primary. I think I'd be very helpful and and are our attorneys are talking with the company -- -- -- left the company so. It's their decision and Nancy doesn't the president come he has to make the decision -- I'd be very comfortable releasing another way. JC watts congressman JC watts was the head of the Freddie Mac watch committee for seven years. He is openly publicly for me he has said publicly I never once approached him in seven years. Rick Lazio was chairman of the housing subcommittee for four years. He said I never once ask you anything about Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae and the New York Times reported in 2008. That I spoke to the Republicans in the house and said do not. Vote for any money for Freddie Mac or Fannie -- -- actually publicly was against giving them any more money -- distraction is the opposite of Romney's fiction. Let me get to the question of character and temperament Rick Santorum on this week yesterday called you a friend but also erratic and -- high risk candidate. -- Ron -- is questioning your sobriety and steadiness. And his surrogates have gone even farther Chris Christie is -- you an embarrassment I know you face these kinds of questions before are there any way for you. To put this issue of temperament to rest. Well first of all I think you see the establishment go wild the next -- -- -- The idea of a Gingrich presidency actually changing Washington. -- ignoring all the powers that be I have no ties to Goldman Sachs for example the biggest single back or -- I have no ties to the power structure. I think that they're very frightened that the idea of the genuine outsider and I managed to remain a genuine outsider. Gives -- -- Reagan populist conservative and have been for my whole career. You talked to Tony Dolan who for eight years -- Reagan's senior speechwriter. You -- to bud McFarland for five years was Reagan's. National security advisor. -- talked to many people -- worked with over the years I spent sixteen years working to create the house Republican majority I don't anybody else -- -- that. I work for that many years to get welfare reform actually for eighteen years -- welfare reform passed. Pretty steady pretty stable. As speaker we balance the budget for four straight years. Those are tough they used to do you rock a lot of votes you shake up a lot of people. If people want somebody's going to shake up Washington. I think I can build -- -- -- -- somebody is gonna be timid and managed indicate they ought to vote for Romney thanks very much for coming on this plan for -- all we have time for.

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{"id":15419380,"title":"Newt Gingrich Says He Can 'Shake Up Washington'","duration":"4:47","description":"George Stephanopoulos talks to Gingrich on his South Carolina primary comeback.","url":"/GMA/video/newt-gingrich-interview-shake-washington-south-carolina-primary-15419380","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}