Newt Gingrich: Obama, Romney the Same

The former speaker of the House talks to George Stephanopoulos.
4:06 | 01/30/12

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Transcript for Newt Gingrich: Obama, Romney the Same
Former house speaker Newt Gingrich joins us this morning again mr. speaker thanks for coming on. But what a difference a week makes last -- here on this program surging coming out of South Carolina this week you -- and plunging. In Florida is it too late -- to recover and win Florida. -- the latest insider advantage poll showed me having closed the gap last night within five points. You know I think Romney's problem is that the big truth beats the big life. George Soros in Europe yesterday said publicly. And a Reuters interview that's on video. That he's perfectly happy with either Obama -- Iran -- -- the same people that. Minor differences he said -- anguish now that would be real change but he said -- signed. Goldman Sachs largest funder of Obama in 2008 largest funder of Romney in 2012. The the administration the Obama administration is waging -- war against the Catholic Church has described by cardinal -- And the letter which was read and every Catholic parish the country yesterday but guess what. Mitt Romney's Romney care he was specifically refused. To exempt Catholic hospitals he specifically cut funding for Kosher meals for Jewish senior elders in Medicaid in Massachusetts. There's a lot of parallels between these two -- Romney care and obamacare are essentially the same for the -- -- Georgia's this. He can bury me for a very short amount of time. With four or five or six times as much money most of -- raised on Wall Street from the guys who got bailouts from from the government. In the long run the Republican Party. Is not gonna nominate the founder -- Romney care a liberal Republican who was pro abortion pro gun control and protect them mr. speaker -- I happen. A front page USA today this morning shows that. And rummaging much better than you against President Obama he's basically tied. With -- Obama key swing states the President Obama opens up a seven point lead. Over Rick Santorum a seven point lead over Ron Paul and a fourteen point lead. Over you why should -- Republican on the fence look at that and say I mean like Newt Gingrich -- -- agree with them many things -- can't be President Obama. For the same reason that -- 1980 when Ronald Reagan was down thirty points against Jimmy Carter. Conservatives looked and said you know I'd rather have a guy who can go into the debate to clear conservative position. Some guy who can't even distinguish between Romney care and obamacare. I think is in the very hard for Mitt Romney with the funding from Goldman Sachs with a statement today from George Soros housing guys -- the country's going to be different. I think that the fact is that -- even liberal feelings we nominate a moderate 1996. He had beaten badly. -- nominated a moderate 2008 he got beaten badly. I know that the established would love to nominate Romney. And they want to make him electable so they can -- -- in the fall but I think the record of 96 and 2008 is. You'd better have a conservative. Who can draw -- really wide gap mr. and Romney care and Obama care about this far apart. -- speaking -- made it clear again and again and again that you think Mitt Romney. Is it just honest and you think he's lied about you and your record his campaign has lied about you in your record -- you still -- to endorse him if he defeats you. And can you be effective an effective campaigner for the ticket after we've said about. George he misled the entire country in the last debate -- his own clothing -- Famously misled the country all -- and we just found out that he had 23. Foreign. Assets he didn't even -- his disclosure forms didn't go down the list I'm not talking about me. I'm saying the same thing the Mike Huckabee said the same thing that. John McCain said last time -- -- -- Rudy Giuliani said this fall. I think that he is a real challenge so begging you can't Doris -- if he wins from. Will they keep you from endorsed out of his lesson because I thought I think I think -- Obama is a disaster. But I and I have certainly endorse Republican nominee. But I think that Mitt Romney who have a very very hard time trying do -- differentiate himself. And I think that's what the George Soros messages this morning mr. speaker thanks for times -- They do it --

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{"id":15470128,"title":"Newt Gingrich: Obama, Romney the Same","duration":"4:06","description":"The former speaker of the House talks to George Stephanopoulos.","url":"/GMA/video/newt-gingrich-president-obama-mitt-romney-person-15470128","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}