Newt Gingrich's Rise Highlights Morality

GOP rivals take out advertisements that underline their moral standards.
2:47 | 12/08/11

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Transcript for Newt Gingrich's Rise Highlights Morality
Out of politics your voice your vote and we just two days to go until ABC big Republican debate in Iowa the battle is getting personal. For the candidates and their -- putting questions of faith and marital fidelity front center. ABC's John Berman is here with more and John Rick Perry started this with TV advertising -- his faith when he called president Obama's war on religion now Mitt Romney doing it to go. Boy if he is the campaign every you know this morning the Romney campaign is hosting its first ever conference call to discuss Newt Gingrich's record and here's a -- They don't like it. It's clear they're trying to turn this into a race about -- temperament in his morality. Well overnight Chris Christie fallen off on people like Iowa caucus protesters. With a seventeen -- this school. We're used to dealing with jokers like this a New Jersey all the time. Before turning to Romney campaign business and the subtlety of a sledgehammer. On one -- -- Mitt Romney. First and foremost when you look at these candidates say. This is the kind of person who always gonna make me proud. In the Oval Office and never have to worry will embarrass America but I never have to worry will do something that just will make me ashamed. He just won't. Pinch hit you know we suggesting will new Gingrich in this you'll end from the Romney team you have been married the same woman for putting productivity. For 42 years. -- and it hasn't been married to the same woman for 42 years twice divorced Newt Gingrich had been the same church. Hint hint you know who hasn't been in the -- church's entire life. Newt Gingrich was raised a Lutheran became a southern Baptist he converted to catholicism a few years ago. The Romney team is clearly trying to raise questions about Gingrich's character but -- He's -- -- and Christ and on the anybody has been flawless. -- what is -- wife Callista think of this deed of the race she told the Christian Broadcasting Network. I pray that god gives him the guidance in the strength to. To be the best person he can be on this campaign. So far -- marital past does not seem to be hurting him in our latest ABC news Iowa poll 79%. Say it is not a major factor. So why are we hearing about -- now new polls show Gingrich with big leaves in three year before early voting states. Since October he's gained nineteen points in New Hampshire 23 an Iowa 35 in South Carolina in 31 points in Florida. You know who doesn't like all this in fighting the signs and -- Sarah Palin says the Republican candidates shouldn't be nitpicking at one another he says. It does the Democrats work. For the -- she's going to be enforced -- -- -- John -- thanks very much.

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"GOP rivals take out advertisements that underline their moral standards.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15111454","title":"Newt Gingrich's Rise Highlights Morality","url":"/GMA/video/newt-gingrichs-rise-brings-focus-morality-15111454"}