Remembering Principal Dawn Hochsprung

Principal's selfless heroism saved countless lives during Sandy Hook school shooting.
5:08 | 12/17/12

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Transcript for Remembering Principal Dawn Hochsprung
There are so many heroes coming out of this tragedy, one of them, the school's principal, who sacrificed her life trying to stop the shooter. Amy, you have more on a remarkable woman. I do, indeed. Principal dawn hochsprung was the fearless leader of sandy hook elementary school. Her family saying she fought for her students every day. Last friday was no different. This morning, dawn hochsprung is being remembered a hero. Dawn's daughter tweeted this photo saying my mom would be so proud to see president obama holding her granddaughter. But not as proud as I am of her. Hochsprung threw herself in front of adam lanza. The principal of the school was running toward the shooter in order to protect her students. Reporter: An award-winning principal is believed to have saved countless lives by turning on the p.A. System to warn others. I thought she was screaming. That's what we heard over the loudspeaker. We heard kids crying. We heard the loudspeaker and guns and we also heard screaming and crying. Reporter: The 47-year-old mother and grandmother became principal twoo years ago. She made increasing school security a priority, all while keeping her sense of humor by transfoerming herself into the sandy hook book fairy to encourage reading. This woman was the life of the entire school. She was the rock. And joining us now, dawn's son-in-law, ryan, and her close friend and cousin, melanie. First of all, we're so sorry for your loss. Thank you. And ryan, though it must be some comfort know your mother-in-law died a hero. Yes, that was the -- the only thing thatky -- I don't want to have a conversation like that with my kids. But, you know, being able to tell them that you know, she -- she saved a lot of children and, you know, was able to warn everyone and she saved a lot of lives. So she's a hero. You had that conversation last night with the president. We saw the president holding your daughter, 6-month-old alison. What did he say to you? I wasn't there. My wife attended. I was home with the rest of them. What can you tell us? He spent time with the families. It was nice to have some kind words from him. And melanie, we see the stories of dawn and see how committed she was. Exactly what any parent would want in a school principal. Absolutely. I would say anyone who was planning on being a teemp, read the life of dawn hochsprung. Because she was the ideal, the epitome of what teaching is and what a teacher is spoeupposed to be. She loved her students so much. Obviously, enough to die for them. And the empitome of what you would want in a friend? Absolutely. She was my cousin. But more like a sister to me. We grew up together. We wouldn't let two or three days go by without texting or chatting on the phone. There's a hole in my heart. I'm not sure how that will be filled, if it ever willwill. How about as a mother-in-law? You're laughing. She's really great person. She was just -- she treated my kids like gold. I'm sure she treated all of her students that way. She's just a joy. I was talking to melanie about it. I had taken my kids on the hike one day. In a small mountain with a nice view.

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{"id":17997506,"title":"Remembering Principal Dawn Hochsprung","duration":"5:08","description":"Principal's selfless heroism saved countless lives during Sandy Hook school shooting.","url":"/GMA/video/newtown-connecticut-school-shooting-remembering-principal-dawn-hochsprung-17997506","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}