Richie Incognito Says Actions Came From 'Place of Love'

ESPN's Adam Schefter discusses the first interview with suspended Dolphins' player.
1:40 | 11/11/13

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Transcript for Richie Incognito Says Actions Came From 'Place of Love'
Thank you, matt. Adam schefter joins us now from brist bristol, connecticut. Good morning, adam. Give us your take. I think we saw yesterday. There are three sides to this story, robin. Richie incognito's. Jon than martin's. And then there's the truth. The investigator that the nfl appointed last week is going to be speaking to jonathan martin later this week in los angeles. Jonathan martin is said to have detailed pages and pages and pages of notes detailing what he believes are instances of harassment. And it will be up to ted wells to determine whether or not that actually happened in the dolphins locker room. One of the key unanswered questions was there a code red. Were the dolphins players ordered to toughen up jonathan martin? We don't have that answer this morning. We may, as the investigation goes forward, jonathan martin waiting until then to tell his side of the story. Back to incognito for a moment. The remarks he made, how will that impact his future? His contract is up after this year. Teams are waiting to see how the case will turn out. Right now, he's suspended f conduct detrimental right now. The dolphins have no plans to bring him back at the time. It will be difficult for him to get back into the league. Still, a lot left to be told in this particular story. Certainly is. Adam, thank you. Thank you, robin. To josh with the other top

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{"id":20849318,"title":"Richie Incognito Says Actions Came From 'Place of Love'","duration":"1:40","description":"ESPN's Adam Schefter discusses the first interview with suspended Dolphins' player.","url":"/GMA/video/nfl-bullying-scandal-richie-incognito-actions-place-love-20849318","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}