NFL Cracks Down on Rowdy Fans

ESPN's Darren Rovell has latest on the league's efforts to prevent fan brawls.
3:00 | 09/02/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NFL Cracks Down on Rowdy Fans
We want to show you that new and embarrassing video. Fans at a texans nfl game braulg. Now the league is officially cracking down on rowdy fans. How are they doing it? Anger management crashes. We go way back from another network. I'm glad to be here. Bianna, you go to a game to cheer on your team in person, to see modern-day gladiators to hit and be hit. But be careful, you could be next. A verbal argument. Then, it gets everyone uglier. Fans throwing punches. Then more join in. All this at a preseason game in houston two weeks ago. It's a scene that's become all too familiar to anyone watching a football game. Out of control fans. Going too far. There's definite sli someone that was feeling some pain that have. Reporter: At this 49 49ers/RAIDERS GAME, FANS ERUPTED In the stands. In this eagles game, fists flew for a full minute before police ejected the brawlers. At this cleveland browns game years back, fans pelted officials with beer bottles. Now, for the first time ever, all 32 nfl teams are putting their collective foot down. With a new rule said that if a fan is ejected for fighting they can never come back. Until, get this, they apologize. And complete a four-hour online anger management course set up by this man. Fans believe that they can behave any way they want as soon as they enter the stadium. Reporter: With a approximately 7,000 fans ejected from nfl games last season alone, can a class really stop this? Many fans have stated that they have learned things. We're actually very pleased with the feedback we're getting from the fans. Reporter: Is fan violence getting worse or are we seeing more of it. Over the years, tech nothing has gotten better. Reporter: Some think fan therapy is a loss cause. As long as the cash cow of all concessions, beer money, continues to flow. Now, when fans get ejected they're i.D. Ooed. Now some more pain for those fans, you actually have to pay for the course, guys, it's between 50 and 100 buck and what a great business for him. I'm going to start a business where we teach -- it's an unbelievable business. Do you think it can work. I think this can oj work in the nfl. There are more season ticket holders in that league. We have seen fighting in the nba and baseball as well. But this is an interesting idea. All right, darren, great to have you here. Time for weather and back

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{"id":17137439,"title":"NFL Cracks Down on Rowdy Fans","duration":"3:00","description":"ESPN's Darren Rovell has latest on the league's efforts to prevent fan brawls.","url":"/GMA/video/nfl-cracks-rowdy-fans-17137439","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}