Peyton Manning Denies Retirement Rumors

The Colts' quarterback responds to rumors he can't recover from injuries.
2:29 | 02/01/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Peyton Manning Denies Retirement Rumors
Peyton Manning now high stakes for the star quarterback. As -- response all the speculation he may never play another game in the NFL and Josh have so much more on this indeed rob in the story here of course the Peyton Manning looms as -- story now in his hometown of Indianapolis today just. Four days before super -- 46 is played there such as the stark reality that Manning -- never missed a single game in this decade plus long career before this past year. May never play another. -- -- Peyton Manning by any measure one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. Now finds himself playing defense. The doctors and are have been in good constant communication and we're on the same page everything there's -- -- saying though is everything's Ronald quarterly looks good and I'll be. Cleared and ready to go so that's encouraging to -- In an interview with ESPN's -- wouldn't go. Manning refuted reports of his impending retirement I really -- -- continue to make progress every day. Speculation about the Indianapolis Colts quarterback who's now endured three serious and invasive neck surgeries missing the entire season after not missing a single game since his rookie year in 1999. Is casting a shadow over Sunday's Super Bowl between the patriots and giants led by his younger brother Eli. Right now with his health and such. Jeopardy in 128 million dollar. Option due in March and most people seem to think that Peyton Manning is probably played his last game you know he's idea -- guy who wants to go out like this doesn't want to we might have to. Many wondering can the 36 year old fully recover and if he does what the greater implications might -- for Manning. The new father of twins coming off this surgery Peyton couldn't pick up his kids the way he wanted to I think that was kind of an eye opener not only for -- the for the entire families. Perhaps it's fitting then that the one person who might best understand how he feels -- Manning's own father Archie the former New Orleans Saints quarterback who suffered a serious shoulder injury himself. I talked to Archie Manning. And he's basically saying listen when they have tried always emphasized. -- -- Eli and Peyton is that there's a life after football for now though it seems Manning still very much wants to make football his life. -- -- continue to do just keep try to get better so far have that's the -- parallel. Now Payton has always been acutely aware of his. Place in the game's history and while he'd certainly like to continue playing he's also got again those two lovely little reasons to give the decision to play again or not. A very long with a cameraman.

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{"id":15487199,"title":"Peyton Manning Denies Retirement Rumors","duration":"2:29","description":"The Colts' quarterback responds to rumors he can't recover from injuries.","url":"/GMA/video/nfl-quarterback-peyton-manning-denies-retirement-rumors-15487199","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}