Nia Vardalos Talks About New Book 'Instant Mom'

"My Big Fat Greek Wedding" star discusses life after her film success.
3:00 | 08/31/12

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Transcript for Nia Vardalos Talks About New Book 'Instant Mom'
Our next guest earned an oscar nomination for that hit film, "my big fat greek wedding." Now she's on the big screen again, part of an ensemble cast. "For a good time call." What do you say we call out nia vardalos. Hi. How are you? Mwah. Great to see you. What a good-looking audience. my gosh. You're so good-looking. You're all feeling good, right. Let's get everyone to see this movie. It's so funny. Thank you. That's why I'm here. To talk about these two women who wrote this movie. They were frustrated by attempts to break I hollywood. Instead of whining about it, guess what they did? They wrote their own movie. It's a similar story to "bridesmaids." Women said, I'm going to write a meaty role for us. Another movie. It will come to me. That one about the wedding. My big, my big -- the small, intimate croatian wedding. Kate si and lauren, the writer rarely gets mentioned. I want you to hear their names. Katie ann neeland, lauren miller. Was it hard to get into doors? Yes. When you're new in hollywood, every door slams shut in your face. I thought, I'm going to go on talk shows and talk about them. Lauren miller and ari green starred in the movie. Their budget was about $1.50 canadian. They got it made by asking people to be in it. I got paid, I think there was a box of tissue in my dressing room. That's it. That's all you get. As the patron saint of a two it yourselfer, a diy-er, they must be peppering you, what can we do? What can I do? I get a lot of offers. It's the same version. My big fat turkish wedding. I get to stand on a cliff and kiss a guy way out of my league. This is a didn't ris different role. It's for a good time call. True story. One of the writers, in college, to make extra money, she started a phone sex line. Oh, wow. So that's what the movie sabt. For a good time call -- this number. We want to take a quick look. I am the most hard-working person you'll meet. Probably one of the smartest. The job we called you if for was filled by nepotism this morning. There is no job. There won't be another one for about three months. So fun. "For a good time call." Another big announcement, next year, you're publishing a book. It's called instant mom. You're opening up about something so personal. You've been very private about adopt baigby. Our daughter was almost 3 years old when she walked in our door. She walked into our house and turned it into a home. The only mistake I made was getting a white couch the day before. Don't do i that's phenomenal. You're going share your journey with everybody. The book is called "instant mom." After a ten-year struggle, we got 14 hours' notice and our daughter walked in. It's the same way with everybody. You don't expect it. You become a parent. The sheer force of it is like the g-force. I just want to say, adoption rocks. quickly. We want to see you perform. We were going the play game, "two truths and a lie." Three stories about herself, two are true, one is a lie. We have to do it superquick. And way we go. Your first truth or lie is -- before I became an actress, i was a professional florist. Number two. I am an adrenaline junkie. The only bummer is that I have not gone skydiving yet. And number three. Okay, I have had laser from my toes to my eyebrows. I'm a hairless cat. Oh, my. Okay. All right. Audience? Audience. Was she a florist? Was she -- has she not gone skydiving yet. Lie, lie, lie, lie. And the hairless cat thing. Oh. Seriously. Josh, josh, I'm going say, touch my leg. No hair. Whatsoever. Ooh. Hairless cat, people, hairless cat. They're going there. I'm not. I'm going to go -- I want to hear the story. I'm going to say that the skydiving thing is the lie. I'm going the say the florist is a lie. And away we go. Which is it? I was a professional florist. I will do your gay wedding ytime. Number three, yes, I have had laser hair removal. Look at my stage manager.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"\"My Big Fat Greek Wedding\" star discusses life after her film success.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17129047","title":"Nia Vardalos Talks About New Book 'Instant Mom'","url":"/GMA/video/nia-vardalos-talks-book-instant-mom-17129047"}