Nicholas Sparks Takes You on 'The Longest Ride'

The author of over 18 books discusses the creative process behind his new epic love story.
2:39 | 09/19/13

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Transcript for Nicholas Sparks Takes You on 'The Longest Ride'
We're here with nicholas sparks. 18 books over 19 million copies. "The longest ride." An epic love story. Glad to have you book on "gma." This is a dual love story. Two stories. You have the story of ira and ruth. And it's more of an epic love story that spans decades. They're from the south. They're jewish. AND IT STARTS IN THE 1930s, ALL The way to the present. He's 90 or something. He's 90 and in a horrible car accident. And he begins to remember the life he spent with the woman he loved. And the other story, luke and sofia. That is figuring out how they intersect. And I love the idea that ira is based on someone in your own family. Yeah. You know, when my grandma got divorced after many years, she moved to san diego and met a man named leo robin. They were companions for 20, 25 years. He was like my grandfather growing up. As I'm writing ira, I modeled him on leo robbins. You get to learn a lot about some different things. In this book, you learn about art. And also rodeo. Yes. A lot of research. I didn't know much about it. I'm not an expert, for instance, in art. But I'm probably a well-informed hobbyist on american art. And rodeo, I did have a little -- my brother-in-law, married to my sister before she passed away, he was in rodeo. And the ranch in the novel is ranch. Do you pick them because you want to learn about them? Or you think it helps the story? Both. I want to make it authentic. I want it to feel real. If I'm going to write about the rodeo or modern art, I want it to feel real and true so there's a lot of research that goes in, justice u.S. To make sure that everything I'm writing is accurate. You're not resting at all. Now, you're working on two more books. Plus, two movies. Two novels simultaneously. "The best of me." And "the longest ride" starts filming in a couple of weeks. All of us are underachievers. It's called "the longest ride," on shelves right now. We want to thank all of the bull riders for the cowboy hats right

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{"id":20304151,"title":"Nicholas Sparks Takes You on 'The Longest Ride'","duration":"2:39","description":"The author of over 18 books discusses the creative process behind his new epic love story.","url":"/GMA/video/nicholas-sparks-book-takes-longest-ride-20304151","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}