Nicholas Sparks on 'Cinder-Fella Story'

Sparks shares the twist of fate that helped him become a best-selling author.
6:50 | 10/19/11

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Transcript for Nicholas Sparks on 'Cinder-Fella Story'
My guest today is best selling author Nicholas Sparks. Nicholas has almost eighty million copies of his books in -- he's the author of seventeen New York Times best selling books and his new book is titled the best of me. Yeah Nicholas welcome pay thanks for having great to be -- Knowing I researcher -- -- out how you got here. It was almost like a cinder Fella story you correct me with what's wrong that I read was -- stating -- -- -- Greek Catholic university. Ran track ran track about injury right and one -- you started writing right. And you -- never published. -- -- on but you got into right now way. And then when -- twenty. You write the notebook. And a Tunisia. And it goes slush pile. Yeah and then when they should just picks -- up in Reid's amendment so the -- now. Kind of very close to it there's there's actually a few more fun twists and turns along the writers would -- that's -- they would give it was funny beak. Here's the real stories -- to an agent who had. Passed -- she passed away everything at a out of date book recruited all right so it was her former assistant. Who pulls it out of -- -- smile hands it to another assistant. And that's assistant is becoming an agent and she eventually picks up so. It was it was like not only in its last pilot was -- -- -- that probably was like. But what makes a publisher. Capable like -- -- why did that resonate in this they would pay million dollars for this book. From an unknown. I would think that. I would like to think it was the story -- And that probably had something to do with it. There's a bit of magic to the notebook whatever that means there there was that -- resonance to it. I mean I don't consider it might might find its novel than I've ever written I don't necessarily considered the favorite novel I've ever written. And yet there is some magic to it that that's -- -- it goes a little bit to what faith is all about right it's a story about this guy. Who loves. And never stops -- and this love is unconditional right this is God's love for us it's our love for our children. But it's -- was -- for -- and I think there's there's. This is what feeds this hall you know -- our faith and we really want to know that someone will forgive us for anything. It taps into that feeling and I think that that's part of it. But -- -- I mean that enough was -- -- I -- the last fifteen fifteen million copies worldwide it was very successful film so it. There's something to -- -- even look at it spread to replicate everything -- I don't know what. What exactly alive but it was -- whatever it is they thought they pay it forward and certainly they were very happy that. We'll sixteen books later we now have the best of me yeah. And going to Tom element about what this book -- out when this special. Here this is a this -- a novel it's kind of similar to the notebook it is a story about two people who -- madly in love high school. Their lives -- in this case as she heads off to college and 24 years paths. And 24 years -- there's a lot of changes you know she is Mary now but it's an unhappy that your husband drinks allotments really kind of eating it soul so to speak it but she has three children that she -- that she loves the concept of family it's just. There's this one aspect of her husband that you just really can't handle. Meanwhile 24 years -- have gone by -- -- And He has never stopped loving her He has never really moved on He He did something -- and he's haunted literally by his past. They reunited town for a funeral 24 years later. And it really explores the the what ifs of life which are common I think people in their forties because. They've reached strategy -- that you can do anything in your fifties think it could but is it worth the effort. The -- -- kind of in this netherworld where you wonder what if you know I'd gone to a different college what if I'd made some just different decisions regarding -- -- what -- in this case. I married one I love that of the one minute should. Let's talk a little bit about. Yeah. I mentioned -- went to Notre Dame good Catholic boy. Raised Roman Catholic your wife as well okay yep absolutely could married Catholic mass great YE. Is Roman catholicism why does it remain important to you and a big party you know. It's the same reason -- -- -- get tired of it. Doesn't change. That's why I am a big fan of tradition. And I'm a big fan. I have a lot of respect for tradition Dennis lol to a -- this is what drives a lot of people crazy about catholicism. Well it's not as much fun is not as much singing we should it doesn't fill me with this whole or whatever you know that you might get in these other things. But for me. Give -- some. I want it wouldn't make a change let's really think about this pick a hundred years to come up with a map the Latin net the late 1960 whenever. That's fine to make the change -- time but because it is unchanging. It's one of the few permanent things in -- because so many other things changing your. You get fired you have to move someone close to Paris is the way your marriage breaks up you meet someone -- -- -- -- there's always changing. He go to church and you know and it's palms on you know what -- is the same as when I was ticket. The reading news today. Com what -- road and I liked just like knowing that there's something that's what about those who would say that -- often -- but the fact that it doesn't change makes it lose its relevancy. Well it depends what has relevance to me -- is is your personal relationship with god and anything that brings -- closer to god. It is cut and so for me you know I'd like to think that god is changing and blowing with the way and why should. In my view why should the church changeable with the -- toward what I always have to be. More forgiving all we have to be more accepting -- we have to do well you know about. God is in -- and always was all of this. He's -- -- -- in the land something like this person today but I won't forgive me tomorrow mean I just don't buy that He now. So for me that -- it just. That something very peaceful about midnight mass on Christmas becomes the constantly -- like it you know what's coming. I send my kids to get confirmed you know what pretty much -- -- for. Boring I think it sure is at five -- -- -- if you do it to report that --

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{"id":14773566,"title":"Nicholas Sparks on 'Cinder-Fella Story'","duration":"6:50","description":"Sparks shares the twist of fate that helped him become a best-selling author.","url":"/GMA/video/nicholas-sparks-cinder-fella-story-14773566","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}