Nicholas Sparks on Giving Back

The author talks with Fr. Beck about philanthropy and the school he founded.
7:34 | 10/19/11

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Transcript for Nicholas Sparks on Giving Back
Part of what our faith believes is that. When you've been -- even -- -- happen need to give back that it's not just about that it's the bus to bend community and you have certainly an example of that. With your philanthropy which have done. I was intrigued by -- school via the school that you know they'll write in your hometown that's right. Tell me about the school and tell me why it's not a Roman Catholic school church and school yeah absolutely. -- live in a small southern town. -- -- you know and and private schools. You have to have customers we only had one very small private Catholic school. And there was simply no way that we could've ever had a school more than. You know six or eight kids per class if we -- to be -- Roman Catholic high school for instance. And I just doesn't work the numbers -- -- -- we can't pay your teachers you can do the kind of things you -- -- with the school. So we -- all right. Lately it's been very inclusive here we won't teach any doctrine at all we win and so we're not affiliated -- -- -- we consider ourselves a Christian school but we're not quite Christian enough to be in our. Christian conference because we don't make our students sign a statement of belief which is a very Protestant southern which -- -- Why is that a lot of our borders Catholic to be quite frank so we say it is your family's role to bring -- now what we're gonna do -- bring the lessons. Of Christ. To you should strive to live your life in the example of Christ -- that's that's really what we say and so. That the slogan on our on our wall is what Jesus said the greatest commandment was that love god. And your neighbor. As yourself. As -- breast you don't have to be Christian to go there are for students were Jewish we would welcome a Muslim student we have a Mormon student we have Catholic students we have. Baptist students and I think it's a really good education because guess what in the real life. You're going to be surrounded by these people. -- to be tolerant of -- -- and -- look at how they leave so it's a Christian school the second -- -- like that the best of Catholic schools we try to keep our tuition because we want it to be. Accessible not just. A rich. Kid's school we wanted to be very accessible so we try to keep the price right around daycare. What what does that mean to 6800 year which is very inexpensive. The third it's college prep 100% of arson -- college -- it's. Rigorous they probably averaged 90000 academic scholarships per student. By the time they graduate because -- -- already very well regarded -- curriculum and things. And finally. The other the other aspect of schools that it's very international but its international way that's experiential. If you -- -- -- a fresh we think that the world -- I believe it's my belief that. World's becoming more global. -- a global trade but now information is global. The students who. Really understand this will be best served in the next thirty to 4050 years of the coming century's other schools have been very slow to adapt. -- this they'll say they're trying but we really bring it to a different level we require fluency in Spanish. We teach all sorts of introductory a month here month there -- all these topics in. International relations so that if their interest -- in this. They'll go lawn and maybe studying in college and most importantly we actually immersed these kids in these other cultures if you come in as a freshman. By the time you graduate you'll probably visited sixteen to twenty countries on six continents you'll spend close 200 days abroad. And again you know we don't only do educational trips we do service trips to. Here we start our school going back to this Christian element first week is -- service until community service the last month before you graduate. I don't -- -- all of our senior class that built homes for habitat for humanity. Because it's about compassionate service and faithful -- ship him peaking -- kind of kind of person to really. Strive to be that's them. Principle behind the school to me that's not. -- -- Catholic or not Carrick it is if you're Catholic and your parents are raising -- but it's also Jewish. Parents or reason to it its okay to. We know raises an interesting point for me as you know in this political season and -- has become a down major issue sir candidates and then going back and forth and some -- saying. Someone can't be a certain phase and we would never let somebody that -- -- and don't talk about their faith. Has the whole discussion of faith and politics in this election cycle affected your impression on all. Now you know not involved in it I really don't -- Yeah I'm I'm of their -- I I work in -- world of course I mean I -- entertainment you know one that deal and money -- -- -- and I'm. Some of my best friends. That they expand the -- buddhists. Muslims Jewish Christian. Evangelical Protestant Mormon and I do what all of these people and you know and in the end I kind of -- him the same way that we we -- -- Our school -- you love god and your neighbor as yourself when are you doing the right thing are you kind of people. Are you do do you -- service you know are you. Committed you know these are the things are important I mean. If you're good person. He can be whatever -- -- you want or no religion at all if you're living your. If you're living your life in the example set by Christ and maybe god has come through you even if you -- everything about religion. But you live your life that way. In my opinion that comes from some more. So the real. With some of our special -- like you yeah. I'd like to do something -- call eight lightening rounds. Soldering guns. It's short -- first to mind sensors as you go through great great great might image of god is most polite. The sky. My favorite religious feast or celebration is Christmas. The holiest person and I knew or no news. -- -- -- -- Raised and educated Catholic considers -- Catholic and yet. It's also an American Indian police and one can conquer this kind would too bland present very spiritual mystical person who. Is endlessly. Generous. And genuinely kind this kind of guy you meet -- like. On be like you one day and I don't know how to get there. When I pray eyes. Often -- yell. Like that. When I stumble or fail it helps -- him. Talk to god and try to figure out what's going on here because I'm available for -- help. Obviously he's -- out here but -- that if I weren't Catholic I'd probably be Buddhist. If I could ask god to do one thing that I know certainly He would do. It would be. -- The feeling of -- to its. -- -- make the world a better place -- You do too and thanks and -- -- Thanksgiving we got. The book is called the best of me undoubtedly another best -- -- Nicholas Sparks and it's a great story of something it internally. -- --

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{"id":14773638,"title":"Nicholas Sparks on Giving Back","duration":"7:34","description":"The author talks with Fr. Beck about philanthropy and the school he founded. ","url":"/GMA/video/nicholas-sparks-giving-back-14773638","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}