Nicholas Sparks Releases Book, 'The Best of Me'

Best-selling author of "The Notebook," "A Walk to Remember" releases 17th novel.
4:11 | 10/17/11

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Transcript for Nicholas Sparks Releases Book, 'The Best of Me'
-- happy right now -- get out your tissues the man who has made almost every woman America cry is back with his seventeenth novel. Nicholas Sparks author of best sellers like the notebook has over 77 million copies of his books in print worldwide in over 45 languages of the system's newest. The best of being. It just came out. I'm just happy now. Being here presidents usually isn't so dear -- thank you they -- -- -- -- Brazil like you have to have bodyguards who -- I do -- arable it's it's funny guy that doesn't often happen in Hewlett's but I went down there and it was. It was kind of scary at times just to get me through. Get me through the crowds. And it could lead just in favor of Brazil -- out of my. I love it it's fun I was there was a lot of fun going -- can be fun you have touched a lot of people sincerely you have -- I've read just about every one of the process of Reading. This latest one. And it's about. First line. It is about personal objects -- -- I liked it to talk about first love but god -- they did that in a couple of other night like the notebook but this time I've really I guess from my own perspective into it a little bit about your your in -- forties and you've got. These questions and yours and -- -- that. Age when may be reflecting back because your life isn't exactly what you wanted it to be so I wanted to capture a bit of that hesitancy I guess what is -- -- -- well you have yeah if only this here oh yeah I. I grew up I want to be. An Olympian you know that's not open -- to record cold nights sitting on a duplicate what a political battle ship it was the driving force that really let me probably from the age of fourteen through 22 you know when I finally retired and I just didn't have look I just look at that hair. You know I just didn't have what that that magical extra step and and I came to realize that eventually but it it still to this -- and look back and -- would -- trade everything I've done. May be for this dream and believe it or not I'm 5050 on that. Yes and -- -- to do that in the forties and -- -- time that the little check in bright with ourselves but the Bakken and everything I've heard of them and so eager to to read this latest one. But when I was reading about you Nicholas that you have actually kept in touch. Yeah whip your first love's parents and yet when you and your current wife who you love and -- right when you go home that you -- election state with her parents yes but first -- parents the first flustered. -- my ex girlfriend and she's a dear person Lisa mills a surname and can we dated for three years and when we broke up unfortunately a member of going to her parents and so I'm really sad about Lisa but. I really like you guys -- And -- like you don't have to leave. Completeness but it couldn't pay for our -- road. They did -- pay for a honeymoon they're the god parents of my oldest child. Ed and did this to -- the whole family into my ex girlfriend's parents' house when -- visit California. -- of its expression yeah. -- that's that's a lot about you it has a lot about this -- of the fabulous Stanley wonderful wonderful people here. You have said and and I love but never -- you explain why. I know you say you don't want to be considered a romance. Novel peptide that that's not what you do but you bring such romance but why is it that you don't wanna be referred to that way when it's just it's more -- An objective thing because it's not a romance novel romance novels there was a big article on it just the other day in the USA today but. The really romantic fantasy which is a wonderful thing to write about and it's usually concludes with a happy ending. And that's not at all what I do -- it's not just about romantic fantasy about all of the emotions of life. And I try to bring those still life you know when the best media confusion in the what is and he's got sadness and all -- These other things that I really try to working as well I know I wrote I read -- -- ending here. -- -- -- Of course it's beautiful thank yet again and I got a TV series that you're working on TV series with -- with ABC I'm so excited about it called watcher -- -- get it back and tell us about that I would help on defense thank you.

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{"id":14752981,"title":"Nicholas Sparks Releases Book, 'The Best of Me'","duration":"4:11","description":"Best-selling author of \"The Notebook,\" \"A Walk to Remember\" releases 17th novel.","url":"/GMA/video/nicholas-sparks-releases-book-best-14752981","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}