Nick Cannon Discusses Health Disorder on 'GMA'

The entertainer talks about being diagnosed with autoimmune disease.
5:30 | 03/05/12

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Transcript for Nick Cannon Discusses Health Disorder on 'GMA'
Nick Cannon joins us now live talk more about. Though not a start of a challenging year -- you know that hurdles that -- -- -- and that's right the first Bob good morning good morning it's great to have you here look lovely as always all of Mariah has gotten in. -- -- What about you but you are probably a lot of young people in the studio here this morning and they were -- -- -- snapping it is OK and competition scared us. -- I'm being -- get a lot of people a scare myself because you know always consider myself. In good shape and working out all the time so we never would think that you know I would have -- health issues it just kind of came out of nowhere but. It's that that's -- Marine -- headed days like everyone should be aware of you know their body and put the right things as anybody take care and suck -- -- thought I was doing the right thing but you know wasn't you know kind of I was kind of overloading online you -- -- go too -- as well. And that's what she found out that you were doing so let's say -- lupus like auto -- disease. What exactly is that it what as a treatment for it this is a few treatments that have kind of being gone back before since the top of the year. But. Really what it is it's rare form of -- that's just attacking my kidneys. Think it's the condition is the technical term is who -- Fridays and it's it they thought it was just kidney disease and and they found they were trying to figure out why my immune system was attacking my kidneys and -- Kind of -- route that and I'm -- only -- I mean of course it's something where. I'm not used to the medicine in the not so I'll never been one -- I like to take medicine pills and stuff but. I felt like comes -- that they got a lot of holistic ways -- meditation and stuff that kind of get the wood is going to be -- I'm not really worry about the learning process this is this is really really open to I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But other than I mean -- is great because in all seriousness. Now I'm eating healthy I mean as low sodium diet -- the water so. Popular pop feel better when you know a lot of that type of food can slow you down south -- output in the right things in my mind. You keep it real because it is difficult in Pennsylvania know that it is but it -- -- they lifestyle choice and you have. To do it yes and I found now going to the hospital a second time with the blood clot that was -- really. Open era passively get that I was didn't so much better especially with my condition when my -- me my kidneys where in tip top state but I started to feel pain again. And because of the condition because my body wasn't processing the protein in the foods properly. That I was more prone to clotting and because of my schedule and everything. It actually did had a few blood clots in my -- with an -- -- hard as well a lot of people who passed away from that night I don't think. Luckily I was in such great shape and taking care of myself because a lot of people have been taken down because -- Now you are slowing down and -- -- morning show that lets us -- you still have the syndicated radio show the weekend he got taken on the Titanic. Comedy stand out movies -- your production and all that so are you really taking the time. To do what you need to do what the doctors -- say yes I have been ordered to sleep at least six hours a night. Before -- Alice we played two maybe three hours and just keep going and -- so -- been rests. Is probably the best medicine out of assuming being so at least 6000. I think some good medicine to us this Mariah Carey has the best medicine -- that the path. How are shipped home with -- high seas off the -- -- so nurturing I had. A colleague doctor Cary Keenan takes care of me makes -- -- went on both DC may be an egg sandwich before egg -- than I was before I left the house this morning. The -- thing that that he now no one -- to unionize by. Pro team egg whites but I love it I -- if it keeps me healthy and its fuel that is less of people though they don't they don't see this side of -- and I don't know. She's doing those things now making eight whites in Tulsa and put it together and taking you to baby didn't want on mean grilling and -- and about the baby -- she was talking about do how has this latest health -- changed you as a father or has it I mean. It's it's everything when you think you want to be there for your children and in the hospital -- only in that -- like that was the first thing that doesn't harmonic I have to be around for my children have to be held people much yes. That Nick -- the motivation. -- what's beautiful partnership between the tibia and opening. Verizon very active at the heart associate I know that this what march is warheads and -- -- ticketing -- in the -- as -- king day so it's it's a beautiful thing because we all need to be aware. You know the challenges and I think that can come -- disease. And it's one of the things that they -- caught it everyone is focused on the heart which is. Very important thing but I mean -- kidneys an important organs as well and allowed up over 26 million people. And America -- and effectively if so. It's it's it's something that's very serious that we just need to create awareness for going you're helping to bring attention yet to what you are making a positive as as at some you'll look great -- if you really as good as you know what Phil also OK I have to thanks for -- effort for coming -- and always inside the only thing that is. -- -- babies I would of course is the.

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{"id":15849016,"title":"Nick Cannon Discusses Health Disorder on 'GMA'","duration":"5:30","description":"The entertainer talks about being diagnosed with autoimmune disease.","url":"/GMA/video/nick-cannon-opens-health-scare-15849016","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}