Nick Jonas Succeeds in New Broadway Role

Nick Jonas' lead role in "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying."
4:40 | 01/26/12

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Transcript for Nick Jonas Succeeds in New Broadway Role
He has sold millions of albums and -- teenage girls and some that are not teenagers to -- the world over. As one of the most wildly popular the Jonas Brothers now Nick Jonas is climbing the corporate ladder. And the Broadway musical how to succeed in business without really trying a classic he had the opening night crowd on its feet when he made his big debut as a leading man on the great white way in. You're good enough to be with us here this morning has and -- while welcome -- -- congratulation hasn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We got to be just yes I let him get them I'm so happy to be here or you are so incredibly giving and talented and -- just starred on Broadway playing tiny town. Did and then it isn't like coming full circle to see your name up. In life. It is an unbelievable experience you know I think that this -- militia specifically is that. It's one of those where it -- too young men can lead to show and very rare for for relish I'm so blessed to be in position I'm in them. To have taken over -- for genuine and Darren -- -- -- for me and to -- -- amazing actually played a role is just such an honor. Guess it's it's a fun show. There's such a natural looking up there you've played bench to perfection and it was great opening night. Your family was there of course your Brothers were there as well -- sometimes Brothers and get via a hard time I know you've gotten rave. Reviews so what's. The earliest Ritchie Brothers but Joseph definitely did -- of us -- -- what -- -- money you know then a few notes that we don't build -- So I knew he was joking but it was it was a fun not fun things have the man. Knowing about their support in opinion they are my Brothers obviously first but also band -- Is a great thing and and then they've been -- they came with memo -- am addicted to see the unveiling of the billboard in Times Square. Which happened a few days ago and then was surreal experience but. Overall amount assumes no films and overjoyed to be here to -- its own people are supporting -- -- -- -- fans I mean that come out -- -- and they did again what's the difference with the Broadway fans and the fans when you don't concert and someone tweeted me what I mean asking. What's the difference also. Performing and brought on Broadway as opposed to performing in front of -- -- thousands and a concert. Less than. What what's been really interest him at the show so -- that I've done three shows to Tuesday night into yesterday and and each audience and so different and on the first night I say -- was really sort of friends and family -- -- to die -- fans and then the last two have really didn't seem to see the different responses and -- the theater fans are amazing -- -- -- -- got -- start -- comfortable place for me. Just to see that that they they love the show so much and of the music frank -- is an amazing score on the show and the books for millions and I think rob Ashford is our director and choreographer he's had -- an incredible job with the show and I think it really connects people really personal level it's a great thing. And but is that what you said about the audience and they need to know this they make a difference and it isn't it is different every night and it really surveyors they really are able. To participate -- the very physical. Wolf while it is to prepare I've lost probably 45 pounds pounds and didn't have to lose -- was -- it's -- bit -- But it's it's amazing and I did -- -- -- -- -- mountain creek before -- started rehearsals and everything but you know in that three piece suit at all times as well -- a -- I can only imagine the summertime is going to be like I get to your way out probably until July 1 -- -- -- -- on the minutes of life for first and momentum in the commences. Please come to show -- -- -- -- -- but don't think they'll get out but also people want to know. You know the number one question. Win -- you and your brother's going to be. Back in the studio what are rigorous new music from you guys but yes he was great but the -- schedule is is that you know it allows me to do things are today and Thompson is a man who wants them up and comfortable in my -- my Brothers and I'll start. Creating again it's it's been awhile yeah. We have but when we would love to come back together have more music for fans maybe but it this year or next year. When the love to have that your health it's got everything going well I am I'm down in great health right now on -- just you know. Can really replace my life right now so blessed to be here well thanks for sharing a portion of that with a but I know it had to be hard for you to get up this morning. -- -- we are brought William Leon you have to show that I have -- the it it it and tonight is is bowling night and in the Broadway league so. We have our first -- -- payments on on the co captain of team. -- also wish us luck I'm with a wickets as our team really well I was the state militia in Mississippi where he is ten years of us. Reuters get reluctant to have people come so -- -- I'm proud -- them than glad to -- on the -- the -- -- the night on the news the little I mean if you wanna be Michelle licensing and what I can do about it. I myself first and -- just went on both banks that you're always a great sport and I give our best here to your Brothers and your family and I don't have anything to him so much like first.

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{"duration":"4:40","description":"Nick Jonas' lead role in \"How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15446950","title":"Nick Jonas Succeeds in New Broadway Role","url":"/GMA/video/nick-jonas-succeeds-broadway-role-succeed-business-15446950"}