Nick Zoricic Dies in Ski Accident

Zoricic, 29, suffered head injuries after crashing in a race to the finish.
2:25 | 03/11/12

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Transcript for Nick Zoricic Dies in Ski Accident
Shocking tragedy on the ski slopes at top competitor was killed in a violent crash while racing to the finish line at a dangerous World Cup event. The death of this expert skier is the second in as many months in this high stakes sport. ABC's David Curley has the story good morning David. -- to be out of this is the second time this season the Canadian skiers are mourning the loss of one of their own. This time in an event called World Cup ski cross. And it is a devastating loss a warning though that the video you're about to see is graphic. It's called the NASCAR skiing in on this final jump of his recent Switzerland an exorcist went -- at all. Tumbled into the safety nets and was then motionless for medical help rushed to his side but could do little he died of head injuries he'd just. Lost control and flew off -- off the cars. And obviously -- -- Tragedy at his nickname was Zorro his loss a shock for the skiing community the coaches took the team. To -- the top of the mountains and it took a moment to. Member group. Two students -- really taken in for next. Because doing when he absolutely loves them what's really important to their whole family. His death comes just weeks after Canadian freestyle skier -- Burke also died of head injuries caused during a training accident on a half pipe. He's -- sanctioned X games type events can be cruel. -- side by side or doing acrobatic twists and turns. But the danger level is -- news Kevin pierce survived a head injury in a -- similar to Sarah's but no longer skis competitively. There's nothing mellow about the sport so we're doing in Canada tricks -- Garrett. I think it's imperative for any international governing body at any time there's a tragedy like this to go back and look and see what they can do better. My sense is that they -- look into this they won't change much and I think it will be chalked up to being a very sad moment in the sport. I don't want to throw to and expectations on the Bono and the son of a well known ski coach BB source -- nick moved with his family to Canada from Sarajevo when he was five. -- admitted he was quite superstitious. He said I don't know if that's a good quality for an athlete. If things are going well you stick with it. -- authorities are calling this a freak accident they canceled the races yesterday. And today as well Stan.

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{"id":15896372,"title":"Nick Zoricic Dies in Ski Accident","duration":"2:25","description":"Zoricic, 29, suffered head injuries after crashing in a race to the finish. ","url":"/GMA/video/nick-zoricic-dies-ski-accident-15896372","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}