Nicki Minaj, Ricky Martin on Super Bowl, 'Evita'

Musicians discuss combining their star power to raise awareness of AIDS virus.
2:57 | 02/15/12

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Transcript for Nicki Minaj, Ricky Martin on Super Bowl, 'Evita'
-- -- to talk about this very important campaign for be the gland which has raised 236. Million dollars so far. Please welcome superstars Ricky Arnold and -- became -- yeah. When we start -- -- hot. I have not hating -- Angered at what kind of what you had -- shooting this campaign. If you'll find out things about each other that you know what's what surprised you most about Ricky. I was the only -- his humility at the end of his big night this diet that I had -- -- about and seen you know I just an annual he was you know. Sexy bod and all that I'm not thinking than a -- come -- and he's so humble and honor they just had such appearance Barrett found that the I think. And you -- she's just amazing I love her talent from. Amazingly sexy she's a hard working woman and she's doing beautiful thing and she's. She's bold and beautiful and that's the cancellation -- -- Pushes the envelope -- -- -- go out there. This campaign and we've had Lady Gaga here before and talking about it and a 100%. Of the money. Race goes to awareness -- Latin America for HIV through an age your lip conditioner. And this hot pink lipstick right now with your Latin roots was -- just a natural premium all. It is very beautiful from their partners and panicked guests we were here because when we want to make a difference and for many years have been -- through my foundation after working against human trafficking fighting human trafficking and unfortunately. Kids are being. Infected with HIV -- and and when I was invited to part of his campaign. Every every issue is interconnected let's just talk about something that is very serious and people think this is an issue of the eighties. And no we're still dealing with HIV aids. The fact that it's it's a disease that doesn't doesn't discriminate. Men women and children are being. Affected by this -- That's let's talk about it I want to be part of it hit. Coast home to you. The journal here uncle pat I had an uncle that passing -- -- and he actually was living in Canada and settlements. It's really important because -- -- it's my family and in addition to my country. We sell one Mac reached out he spoke a lot about -- would go into the Caribbean islands and you know raising awareness they act. And -- -- -- we want and do everything everywhere you know we can but. It's important for people -- you know from the islands kindness and that town. You know it's it's it's not as it's not something that should only be discussed in America this is something that is killing. A lot. Especially black women and young black women and sell for me that's -- it hits home because. I don't want people to think and that this is and gay disease. I want people to thing then this is like you know like what he said at an -- in the eighties the disease this coming up killing every -- nomad a year. -- preference than -- -- a -- in your ways that this is something that every one have to get on top of such a young and they. I want them this -- now you know protecting himself someone from the start now -- My talent than Scott he's now right there are no matter where it's either he had I want them to abstained. First the ball that's them that's the best decision that I can give them because I love them so much and -- let them know him. Okay could you always preaching is always talking -- -- talk to your barbs and I remain as very important to you vote. Stairs to choose to be actively sexually active user content the most important thing at this point is that. You've Graham company has given millions and millions of dollars in sentencing just don't know what to do we want to help and we don't know what to do you -- look. The condition the commissioners you have -- you can go you can buy and you can help every penny will go to four. -- 100% 100% here's that anymore about this -- you know what's so active it's great that you are giving of yourself and so much into this campaign. Saw you at the grammys. You didn't really raised a lot of eyebrows with here performers. Yeah you -- Hannity -- your fans outside -- but what we want people walk away thinking. How one people because I created these cats -- -- -- -- common -- -- the F -- -- And I never had format to really put them you know -- in the wild. So I had the Grammy is and I said you know this is a great way Michelle who Roman is. And William moment the character -- been -- -- killed he's been torn apart even pulled down. And I -- want to shell you know I wrote the song and I envision that being in a monastery because of -- gets shipped away to an honest and my mother who thinks something's. Along with hand. Ends and -- if nothing wrong with him is nothing wrong with him being different is nothing wrong with him being eccentric and that's -- -- went to show how ridiculous people look. When they age -- Shaheen. She now. Someone to be content created discussing different. And your new music is coming out of this it's as an indication of what we can expect in -- -- here he's hit Broadway these. -- Israelis there. I'm really happy and honored to be part of Broadway community we start previews march 12 and it's been amazing for that lasts. For five weeks we've been -- reluctance to -- person. And I'm surrounded by the most amazing has great directors great producers great choreographers. Stimulus reviving his beautiful classic it's it's an amazing it's an amazing experience I am my life is -- -- now. It's pulled out -- blasted the since you've seen you get too adorable out through your headquarters there and -- -- -- they love New York City. -- -- after it out alive there there's three years of their little bit -- and I'm gonna showing you pictures of him but I think you have to hear that. Super Bowl when you're here and we thank you again for being in our summer concerts here. That was not ever happen you have to come back to that you said you want -- to work with Madonna and then when it's horrible and the fact. I had -- -- I have given me found PE RI. I am I knew I knew that they went with Madonna that. Never did you know let them. Now when I think have a question incumbent Diana and I feel it did not believe and I bet and I am not -- believe -- I'm meet. And I mean this literally. There they had we said that you -- to say how I hope that you come back and rock are not so quick. You'll be back in a few weeks that's -- with us so -- appreciated it all again all the money going to HIV aids research and in Atlanta thanks -- I think the night before the -- just want to thank them for giving us this opportunity I want it to be and that can be a plan doesn't Ackerman on myself. It's just incredible in the apartment and selling -- and film -- and -- helpful to the community that powerful and important to. It is -- -- --

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{"id":15629541,"title":"Nicki Minaj, Ricky Martin on Super Bowl, 'Evita'","duration":"2:57","description":"Musicians discuss combining their star power to raise awareness of AIDS virus.","url":"/GMA/video/nicki-minaj-ricky-martin-super-bowl-evita-15629541","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}