Nigella's Husband Wants Divorce After Choking Incident

Famous chef's husband denies allegations he choked her after controversial photos surfaced.
2:26 | 07/08/13

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Transcript for Nigella's Husband Wants Divorce After Choking Incident
Wardrobe. Good analysis. Nigella lawson, you all saw the pictures. Her husband had his arms around her neck at one point cautioned by the police and now he's gone to a london paper and said I'm divorcing her because she didn't defend me after the incident. If there was any doubt that she was in a bad marriage i think that doubt is gone now. I mean, the idea that he would go public with saying that she didn't defend him and that's why I'm divorcing her is just appalling. Again, I don't know these people. I'm reluctant to comment, however, this is just -- from a pr standpoint this is a nightmare and just sounds like, you know, good riddance, good for her. Maybe there's way reason she didn't defend him because of this kind of behavior. That says it all. He took it a step further and tried to argue she did it to him in the past. Wow. It's just incredible. It really is. Apparently this morning she was blindsided. He went to the biggest british sunday papers and told them he was doing it. Didn't tell her. They haven't spoken since this incident. See you in court. Yes. No kidding. Maks, come on out here. On fire. Dancing on broadway but this video. Oh, I love it. Tell us what's going on. So we just -- didn't shower for awhile. This was a campaign we did for olay. Do you have to say you're 18 years old on youtube to watch this. As you said it's more athletic than raunchy so -- the difference. Some people. One very lucky contest winner in there with you. Yeah, she was a big fan from the beginning and it was a pleasure to interact with -- she's the one bathing you? Actually she was bathing val. She was doing one of those. Always an observer. You're going to be back with karina. Doing a little tangoing. The tango is amazing. Passionate dance. Karina and I have none of that -- oh, I don't buy it. Seeing you two together this morning. Best part of the story too. All right, mack, thank you. Larry, good to have you. As always. We'll continue to turn up the

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{"id":19604599,"title":"Nigella's Husband Wants Divorce After Choking Incident","duration":"2:26","description":"Famous chef's husband denies allegations he choked her after controversial photos surfaced.","url":"/GMA/video/nigella-lawson-husband-choking-allegation-husband-divorce-wife-19604599","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}