Nik Wallenda Crosses 1,500-Foot Grand Canyon Gorge on Tightrope

Daredevil's trek across landmark had him seeing elevations higher than the Empire State Building.
2:22 | 06/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Nik Wallenda Crosses 1,500-Foot Grand Canyon Gorge on Tightrope
Now we have the latest death-defying feat by nik wallenda. He crossed over niagara falls last year in a dramatic and record-setting feat. Now he's done it again except this time he walked 1500 feet over a gorge near the grand canyon in arizona late sunday. No safety net, no harness and high winds whipping all around him. Praise to god. Reporter: Pulse pounding heart stopping walk of his life filled with words of prayer. Nik wallenda put his life literally on the line to be the first person to cross a gorge near the grand canyon. Help me to relax, lord. Reporter: With no safety harness, just his skill and balance, the 34-year-old inched his way across hell hole bend, known as the little grand canyon east of grand canyon national park. Wallenda was slow and steady surviving on just a two-inch-wide cable 1400 feet long. That's more than a quarter of a mile and 1500 feet off the ground, higher than the empire state building. Winds are way worse than i expected. Reporter: Battling winds up to 30 miles an hour. There was no shortage of nail-biting moments. Jogging and hopping the last few steps, emotions flooded to the surface after wallenda made history ag it took every bit of me to stay focused that entire time. Reporter: After his big finish the seventh generation flying wallenda took a moment to honor his great-grandfather karl who died performing a similar stunt in 1973. He's a huge inspiration to me and carrying on a legacy. It's in my blood after seven generations it's in my blood and such a huge honor to carry on the legacy in a huge fashion like this. He's not done yet. If he gets permission he wants to do it right in new york between the empire state building and the chrysler building. I don't know if he's going to get that permission. Again, like what we saw him with you in niagara falls to hear him praying, to hear him, I love that they have the mike on him and hear what he is saying the entire time and what his family must be going through. I'd be running at the end too. Focus every single fiber of his being on to that wire. He is something else. All right, lara, thanks for bringing that to us.

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{"id":19471167,"title":"Nik Wallenda Crosses 1,500-Foot Grand Canyon Gorge on Tightrope","duration":"2:22","description":"Daredevil's trek across landmark had him seeing elevations higher than the Empire State Building.","url":"/GMA/video/nik-wallenda-grand-canyon-tight-rope-walk-daredevil-19471167","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}