World's-Only Nordstrom Greeter to Turn 100

Retired meatcutter Ted DeNunzio has been shaking hands at the California store for 14 years.
2:00 | 07/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for World's-Only Nordstrom Greeter to Turn 100
At an age when most folks have said. Good -- to the working world 99 year old man is happily as saying. Hello this is a great story he's working as a -- at Nordstrom and more than that he's become a fixture there more now from KBC's rob Hayes. -- Nordstrom store and you'll find new clothes new jewelry knew everything but the first employee you're likely to meet good afternoon good afternoon. Is not so new -- nine -- nine that's 99 years old actually 99 and how. A life nearly as long as his name Julio tendon and but the shoppers around here no it simply is -- -- -- to see the familiar face at the Nordstrom stores west entrance. Welcome not that -- the greater. Hungry ambassador have not from. -- -- -- could have accumulating wealth -- like Shanghai five to spend greeting Nordstrom shoppers here for fourteen years CNET. The retired meat cutter -- happened into the position. What do store manager noticed that Ted was always in the store talking of customers and employees sent can be everything -- kind and finding out front -- -- manager -- and -- created job would you like to -- here the rest good afternoon. Is history. He's not only get 99 year old employee but the only Norstrom greater in the world he just makes this place. Fun place to beat the store manager mark seal Hughes says -- works every Friday and Saturday could have simulating a -- many of the shoppers know by heart if he's not here they will absolutely make a call to me more than got a customer service -- always concerned and they give thank you pretty you know. Is -- of coming to distort. Just because -- that they're doing with 100 just a few months away Tenet is living proof that new may be fine but vintage. I think -- I have to got to that are -- just assistant head guy's fantastic.

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{"id":19668189,"title":"World's-Only Nordstrom Greeter to Turn 100","duration":"2:00","description":"Retired meatcutter Ted DeNunzio has been shaking hands at the California store for 14 years.","url":"/GMA/video/nordstrom-greeter-to-turn-100-19668189","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}