Nor'easter Slams the East Coast

Flooding, high Winds and dangerous conditions worry for residents.
4:29 | 03/07/13

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Transcript for Nor'easter Slams the East Coast
Almost two feet of snow in some places turned out to be mostly rain in washington, d.C. After the capital basically shut down for the storm. You know, they were calling it the snowquester there. Major cities in its path and coastal areas bracing for storm surges. The big deal on this storm on "world news." It is a snowmaker. Where that is, let's start with a multiday event, went from the great lakes to washington, d.C. Making snow and we've seen pictures like this one out charlottesville. My niece sent me this out of the uva area, 13, 14 inches of snow. Some in new york city are waking up going where's the nor'easter? It's pulling out out east. A little bit more laying out more east than we had thought curving up the coastline so you are still going to get snow out of this storm tonight. That snow comes from, look back here, a little ripple effect of snow here that will get pulled into the nor'easter so tonight there's still snow coming from boston all the way toward probably new york city. During the day today there will be a light band of snow that kicks in under this, enough to coat areas. Plan on watching some scattered snow all day today and another hit of snow but the coastal effects are really going to be worth watching, as well. We said it is a big snowmaker and ginger zee is in charlottesville where the pictures we had came up with more than a foot of snow in some places. Good morning, ginger. Looks like I'm in the middle of a forest but it's in the middle of a road in a neighborhood. This huge tree snapped, popped and landed on the power lines and the exact reason why so many people are waking up this morning without power in the mid-atlantic. Across the mid-atlantic this morning, punishing winds and rain. As much as 2 feet of dense, wet snow. It's the heaviest wet snow I've seen in my life and grew up in northwestern pennsylvania. I'm used to this, I can tell you. Reporter: Sending cars colliding and trees toppling. The trees are already bending over and we still got about 6 more inches to go. Reporter: In midland virginia, a man was killed hit by falling branches as he tried to clear them. Across seven states and district of columbia are still without electricity mostly due to heavy snow weighing down power lines. As the nor'easter goes north, it's knocking over even more trees and even blew this semi off a maryland bridge. It's brutally lashing coastal communities already devastated by hurricane sandy. After their 67-foot ship rolled over in the enormous coastal swells a third man was rescued. Even this police officer trying to help fell victim to the slush and ice. So the snow, you mentioned almost a foot or more in some placing here in charlottesville has really compressed. It's already warmer and will health a lot but the damage will take a while to clean up. With the wind and that punishing water up against the coastline. 13, 18-foot waves likely offshore and a lot inland are saying, hey, what's the big deal? But this coastline has been washed away with many, many brutal coastal storms and continues to be a problem, 40, 50, 60-mile-per-hour winds along the shoreline. Ron claiborne is in seabright, new jersey, one area pounded by sandy and continues to watch the waves come on shore. Reporter: The problem here was not rain or snow, it was those high winds you were just talking about, the area along the new jersey shore got winds blasting up to 70 miles an hour, some sustained winds in the 40 to 50-mile-an-hour range and that, of course, has caused a problem with flooding. A lot of tidal flooding. Look behind me. That is the shrewkbury river. The water at one point a couple of hours ago was probably three or four feet high and receded somewhat now and as you said, this area was really raked over by the hurricane. This is the last thing they needed here, sam. Just heartbreaking to see what water back in those communities and flood watches and warnings out in coastal areas until 9:00 a.M. On friday. This continues to be a problem. Yes, we do get snow tonight. Remember, we showed you where it's coming from 6 from worcester west outside of boston near providence, as well.

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{"id":18673374,"title":"Nor'easter Slams the East Coast","duration":"4:29","description":"Flooding, high Winds and dangerous conditions worry for residents.","url":"/GMA/video/noreaster-slams-east-coast-18673374","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}