Major Midwest Snow Storm Becomes Nor'easter

East coast braces for snow storm that has already walloped the Mid West.
2:57 | 03/06/13

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Transcript for Major Midwest Snow Storm Becomes Nor'easter
very latest. D sam, good morning. Much more to come. The same storm system that gave us pictures like this outside of chicago, western springs and video of what happened last night. Winchester, virginia, an awful lot of snow coming down. This is believe it or not the same storm system but now it's phase two of that storm. Here's what happens. The low cuts across the great lakes and moved across the mountains. That coastal low will sit there because there's a blocking area of high pressure that doesn't allow it to leave so it's basically here from now all the way until friday with wind, some rain mixing in with snow along the coastline and then snow, heavy snow thrown inland. So much snow that what you see on the ground right now with ginger zee is just phase one. Our ginger zee is in potomac, maryland, this morning. Good morning, ginger. Reporter: Snow is coming down fast and furious this morning in washington, d.C. Wet and heavy on the federal offices that have been closed ahead of this march monster. In maryland and virginia, shelves are empty and lines were long. It's stressing me out. Getting everything and making sure, you know, the store doesn't run out of the stuff i need. Reporter: Overnight millions of chicagoans slipped and skidded into their biggest snowmaker of the season. This morning, nearly half the country is being affected. At least 1300 flights already canceled with more to come. Definitely ready for the snow to be done. Hopefully this is the last one. Reporter: In some places more than a foot has already fallen. Towns blanketed in snow now face the blowing and drifting dangers. Which police say contributed to a deadly crash near indianapolis. Across the midwest there have been hundreds of other accidents. In wisconsin, this semi slipped off an icy bridge killing the driver. In minneapolis, a solid nine inches coated the roads leaving man and beascaked in the white stuff. Roads here are running okay. They're wet but this is why. It's been named so far snow plus rain and this is heavy, wet, the epitome of packing snow. Now, come with me. This is going to be the problem today. You see how heavy it is here on the bushes. We're already hearing of some power outages. When it's that heavy and wet it will go on power lines and trees and will be a lasting issue with the wind. You're just outside the beltway and western areas like where you are is what get pounded overnight. Everybody wants to know where the snow totals are. Thanks, ginger. Here's what we think will happen. The idea is that just outside the beltway you get your heavier collection of snow. That's 6 to 10 inches of snow. Evou see the darker shades of purpose the just west of boston as well, 10 inches plus. That could be a foot of snow. Just remember coastal areas will do the mixing. Inland will get the pounding. Wins will stay. We'll look at it later, 30, 40, 50 miles an hour easy thursday into friday. This is going to be -- yeah, a strong gusty wind and big storm.

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{"id":18664623,"title":"Major Midwest Snow Storm Becomes Nor'easter","duration":"2:57","description":"East coast braces for snow storm that has already walloped the Mid West.","url":"/GMA/video/noreaster-targets-north-east-major-midwest-snow-storm-18664623","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}