Inside the Life of Norman Lear

George Stephanopoulos talks with the legendary TV producer-writer about his new book, "Even This I Get to Experience."
4:10 | 10/15/14

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Transcript for Inside the Life of Norman Lear
you by Mercedes-Benz. George. Thank you. Turn now to Norman leer, the creator of all in the family, Sanford and son. That's just the beginning. And now telling the story of his life and career in the new book even this I get to experience. I got to experience the man who's work has touched so many of us in so many ways. ? before there was all in the family -- tjeffersons and good times -- ? any time you need a payment ? there was Norman Lear, son of a vet, political activist and TV pioneer. He created hit after hit and tells all the stories in his new memo memoir. Even this I get to experience, fantastic title. Somewhat of the motto, too, right? This is kind of my life. This is the moment, even this I get to experience. It's hard to imagine today the kind of audiences you were getting with a show like "All in the family". Bacon souffle. Not going to eat that. Archie bunker, beloved character, bigoted but beloved. Inspired by his father. Isn't it true that your dad came up with Archie's signature line? You're a meat head dead from the head up. Looks like we lost a daughter, but we gained a meat head. So that's real life. Yes, that's real life. And stifle is real life. Stifle, stifle yourself. Right into her face. Stifle that, will you. And then I would pick it off the -- Will you stifle that? Carol oh Connor, doing Archie bunker tortured him. It wasn't him. It was 180 degrees from him. You just made me change my mind. About what? About burning your dinner. Ester roll and John Amos, they were sometimes uncomfortable with what they were dealing with. That's something of a theme in the shows. Someday you'll meet a girl like your mother and be just fine. I'm going to drink myself into a cool aid coma. They were the first parental figures, african-american, who had to deliver the african-american experience. Archie bunker has a lot of your dad. I was surprised to ahead that Maude has a lot of you. Maude had a lot of me. You get paid for what you do. Nobody gives me a dime, and that's the barometer, Walter. I'll give you 5 bucks to put on your dress. I will get you familiar. I hadn't realized it until I was deep into writing this book. She was the liberal that I am. Everything we stand for is going right down the drain. Who didn't really know it all. And didn't know enough to be as loud and vigorous and forceful as she was. And wasn't just the characters who were outspoken. He calls himself a proud liberal. Starting the civil rights group people for the American way. I couldn't be prouder of its existence today. Don't read a newspaper and don't thank god that it's there. Just like so many Americans, so grateful for the character who is changed the face of television. What was it like to know that on any given night someone was watching a show that you helped inspire? I remember flying over the country in the early years of all of that at night. And looking down and thinking, wherever I see a light, it just might be possible that I helped to make somebody laugh. ? It sure would. He wasn't exaggerating at all. At their peak, his programs were seen by 120 million people a week. "All in the family" was so popular that the water table dropped during commercials. I believe it. Everybody taking a bathroom break. That's something. And it's now in stores. And Emma stone is right here.

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{"id":26209624,"title":"Inside the Life of Norman Lear","duration":"4:10","description":"George Stephanopoulos talks with the legendary TV producer-writer about his new book, \"Even This I Get to Experience.\"","url":"/GMA/video/norman-lear-legendary-tv-producer-writer-26209624","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}