North Korean Leader Kim Jong Il Dead at 69

The dictator is likely to be succeeded by his 28-year-old son Kim Jung Un.
3:50 | 12/19/11

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Transcript for North Korean Leader Kim Jong Il Dead at 69
-- -- right now brand new pictures coming in north Koreans weeping and wailing collapsing in morning. After learning of the death of Kim -- the state TV -- there are unable to contain her emotions. You announcing the dictator's death supposedly didn't -- -- vehicle through Lenny Stevens. -- military tension across the region this morning word that North Korea has tested a short range missile those reports still unconfirmed the South Korean military. Is on high alert President Obama has already reached out to the South Korean leader overnight and in North Korea. Potential power struggles behind the scenes as Kim Jong -- 28 year old son succeeds. ABC's Bob Woodruff who won a one of the few western reporters who has reported from North Korea travelling there three times the last five years leave it there. Latest time October. -- 2010. That's right about thirteen months ago and in those three times that I was there we really learned very little about the new leader Kim Jong and and right now the neighboring countries are quickly getting prepared for what could happen next. There are unconfirmed reports as -- set of short range missile test by North Korea. Right now and concerns already in this very isolated country. Supposedly mingling in -- -- doing what he shouldn't he announcement of Kim's death came during a special broadcasts from North Korea's state media saying that dear leader as he was known. Had succumbed to a heart ailments Saturday while traveling on the luxury train he often used. Overnight in a seemingly staged gathering. State television showed north Koreans morning. For over sixty years whose family has kept tight rein on a hermit kingdom creating an army first policy. Directing most of the country's resources to building an army of more than one million soldiers while allowing people to start. During his rise to power and intelligence reports portrayed Kim Jong-Il as a Playboy. Who loved his fast cars expensive brandy. And the fantasy world of Hollywood films he was said to have a collection of more than 20000. Foreign films. His vanity apparently -- -- knew no bounds when he was seen in public he wore designer sunglasses -- small stature raised by shoes with lifts. But he was also known to be cruel and ruthless and said to be the mastermind of several deadly terrorist attacks. North Korea as a regime arming with missiles and weapons of mass destruction. States like these. And their terrorist allies. Constitute an axis of evil Kim Jong. -- took control of the country after his father Kim -- song. The founder of Communist North Korea died in 1994. After suffering a stroke in 2008 he began to look weak in frail. We saw him last October while reporting in North Korea and its. -- -- -- It was during that event that is twenty something year old son Kim Jong in. Appeared on the stage clearly his eventual successor he too so much of a mystery his exact age is unknown. Now the question is where this young successor will lead his country's nuclear program. And what will happen to the people of North Korea. And now Kim Jong -- body is on display in the memorial Alison -- -- the capital where his father's body still is. And there will be a funeral ceremony. On December -- right there Maria thank you we have a unique. Perspective because of her travels there had an interest in trip I'm sure paths.

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{"id":15186900,"title":"North Korean Leader Kim Jong Il Dead at 69","duration":"3:50","description":"The dictator is likely to be succeeded by his 28-year-old son Kim Jung Un.","url":"/GMA/video/north-korean-leader-kim-jong-il-dead-69-15186900","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}