Notre Dame Takes on Alabama in BCS Tournament Game

Josh Elliott previews the match between the "Fightin' Irish" and "Crimson Tide."
3:07 | 01/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Notre Dame Takes on Alabama in BCS Tournament Game
It is the biggest college football game of the year. Will it be the fighting irish or the crimson tide? Go, fighting irish. Notre dame and 'bama, the top two college football teams in the nation that go head to head in the bcs championshipship game. It is a long awaited return to the big game for 'bama. A chance to defend their title. Here's "good morning america" co-anchor, josh elliott. Reporter: It's college football's biggest of big games. And tomorrow night one that will see history made. We're here to win a football game. It's going to be a challenging game no doubt. Reporter: Two teams with so much at stake. Alabama to be the best, you have to beat the best. Reporter: Alabama will be playing for a second straight national title and third in four year, a runalleled in recent history. Very rare you get to play for one and I played for two and got a chance to play for a third one and to win another one, oh, man. Reporter: Standing in their way arguably the sports' crown jewel, an unbeaten notre dame resur gent after nearly two decades of irrelevance and now but a win away from its first national title in a quarter century. It'll be a good time for us to win this championshipo w can show everyone we're for real and our name is back. Reporter: The fighting irish stand on history's doorstep thanks in part to a stout defense led senior captain and linebacker man tie teo. The emotional core after this team after losing his girlfriend and grandmother within hours of each other earlier this season. His character, his leadership is something I've never seen before. The heart and soul of this team. Reporter: While teo fell sort of a heisman that was never the trophy he hoped to raise at year he aend. I sat in my living room and every time I did I texted one of my teammates. I do not want to sit in this living room and watching this game and I'm not going to be. Reporter: As the teams make their final preparations here in south florida, upwards of 100,000 fans have taken miami's south beach by storm lending college football's crowning of a champion and excitement and a hype normally reserved for super bowls. Go, irish. Reporter: We're just over a day away now from the biggest of big games and to that end both teams have arrived to miami making final preparations for monday night's game which for the fighting irish could mean getting used to humid conditions we'll expect at game time. Speaking of that game will be played at sun life stadium, a couple miles away and that's where I'm going to be all morning long tomorrow right here on "gma" live, we're going to be going behind the scenes with our sister network, espn, to show you what goes into bringing you the megatelecast that could go down as the most watched game broadcast in college football history, we might even have a special guest or two. For now then that's all from here on south beach, back to you guys in the rather brisk new york city.

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{"id":18143199,"title":"Notre Dame Takes on Alabama in BCS Tournament Game","duration":"3:07","description":"Josh Elliott previews the match between the \"Fightin' Irish\" and \"Crimson Tide.\"","url":"/GMA/video/notre-dame-takes-alabama-bcs-tournament-game-18143199","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}