*NSYNC Reunion at VMA Rumored

Popular boy band 'N Sync said to perform at upcoming MTV music awards.
3:00 | 08/20/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for *NSYNC Reunion at VMA Rumored
I almost threw the blonde -- this is very exciting news, everybody. It's been a decade since 'n sync said "bye-bye bye." We may be able to say hello to the boy band again this sunday. Justin timberlake, as you may know, is slated to receive the michael jackson video vanguard award. And to onner him, sources telling "the new york post," that the other members of the band will join him on stage for a performance. "No strings attached." It would be the band's first live performance since the 2003 grammy awards. That's a big deal. A big deal. It was revealed exclusively. Gaga opening the video music awards. Big show. If people really love it, could they do more? I don't know. He's doing so well as a solo artist. But a boy can dream. There you go. Also in "pop news," everybody, robert de niro. Celebrating his 70th birthday. Happy birthday, robert. He had a couple of wise guys at his party. Samuel l. Jackson tweeted this picture of his pals, christopher walken, harvey keitel. The event was catered by nobu, which de niro owns. Keith richards was there. Bradley cooper. leo DiCaprio. And lenny kravitz performed live. So, that is how you do a birthday. I know, yeah. Yeah. And finally in "pop news," the folks at tumblr noticed a lot of people, a lot of people, take pictures when they're on vacation, of their legs. You may have done it, too. There you go. So, they have started a page. They want to know if you -- they decided to do what website would do. A page dedicated to hot dog legs. They're asking viewers which are legs and which are weiners poised in relaxing settings. Oh, no. What's that? I don't -- what is that? Just strawberries, lara. Hmm. I can't tell -- I've always been the toes shot. The feet -- I never thought of taking the knees from the -- I know. They think they look like hot dogs. Sense the page that's gone viral, you have to guess which are hot dogs and which are legs. I said to tom, it was treacherous, the executive producer. And he said, no. The hot dog legs. There you go.

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{"id":20009771,"title":"*NSYNC Reunion at VMA Rumored","duration":"3:00","description":"Popular boy band 'N Sync said to perform at upcoming MTV music awards.","url":"/GMA/video/nsync-reunion-vma-rumored-justin-timberlake-receives-video-20009771","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}