Nuclear Weapons Officer Suspended for Alleged Fake Poker Chips

The number-two officer in charge of nuclear war-fighting forces is under investigation.
2:04 | 09/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Nuclear Weapons Officer Suspended for Alleged Fake Poker Chips
Now to a scandal shaking the u.S. Military's nuclear program. The number two boss in charge suspended under investigation for gambling. Suspected of possibly using fake poker chips at a casino. Martha raddatz is in washington with the latest. Reporter: This is an officer who was holding the nation's highest security clearance with access to america's most closely guarded secrets. Now he's being investigated for a felony. He is one of the top commanders in charge of the nation's sensitive nuclear arsenal, aboard sub marines, bombers, and land-based missiles. This morning, vice admiral tim giardina has been suspended and is the focus of a criminal probe. Civilian investigate nrs iowa, where he's stationed, said the career navy officer, who they say frequented a casino near his head quarters was using counterfeit poker chips to increase his winnings. This led us to go ahead and contact the authorities. Reporter: At that point, navy investigators stepped in. The commander of the u.S. Nuclear arsenal ordering a probe. These senior officers have to be beyond reproach. They have to be beyond anything that would besmirch their reputation, that of the naval service or the u.S. Military, especially when it deals with nuclear weapons. Reporter: Sources say the investigation is ongoing, though no charges have been filed. Giardina, a decorated submarine officer who has been deputy director since 2011 could face prosecution within the military as well as felony charges in iowa. The admiral has not commented. Sources tell abc news, the use of the counterfeit chips involved a significant amount of money. George? Okay, thanks. Now to another trial for

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{"id":20417212,"title":"Nuclear Weapons Officer Suspended for Alleged Fake Poker Chips","duration":"2:04","description":"The number-two officer in charge of nuclear war-fighting forces is under investigation.","url":"/GMA/video/nuclear-weapons-officer-suspended-alleged-fake-poker-chips-20417212","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}