Nude Photos of Celebs Released on Internet

Hacking blamed for the release of hundreds of risque pictures of some of the biggest names in Hollywood.
2:15 | 09/01/14

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Transcript for Nude Photos of Celebs Released on Internet
And now to the celebrity photo scandal, hundreds of pictures of Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton have been hacked and posted online. And Paula Faris has the latest. We are told some of the photos are fake. But for Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton, they are very real and very embarrassing. Now they're working with authorities to take action against this hacker. This morning, Hollywood up in arms after what could be a massive hacking attack. A user on the popular photo sharing sight 4chan posting risque photos on Sunday showing celebrities in various states of undress. Jennifer Lawrence was in dozens, some of them nude. And the user claiming to have more naked selfies and explicit videos of the hunger games star, and offering to share them in return for payment. Overnight, Lawrence's reps saying they are real. Lling ABC news, this is a flagrant violence of privacy. And another victim, supermodel Kate Upton. Reportedly posing nude with her boyfriend Justin Verlander. They will pursue anyone disseminating or duplicating them to the fullest extent possible. The alleged hacker may have accessed some of them from a cloud. An internet storage service in which user's media are supposed to be private. Even if you deleted photos from the phone. Oftentimes they are uploaded into the cloud. And they continue to exist. Reporter: But some of the celebrities who they claim to have exposed deny they are real. Ni nickelodeon star tweeting, these news are fake, people. And Ariana grand saying they are not real. But this morning, over 100 celebrities are dealing with this photo hacking scandal. Lara and Dan. A lot to deal with. Thank you so much. And get to Ryan smith in for

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{"id":25201482,"title":"Nude Photos of Celebs Released on Internet","duration":"2:15","description":"Hacking blamed for the release of hundreds of risque pictures of some of the biggest names in Hollywood.","url":"/GMA/video/nude-photos-celebs-released-internet-25201482","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}