NY Knicks' Jeremy Lin: 'I Love Playing Basketball'

ESPN's Rachel Nichols talks to the NBA's hottest star.
2:35 | 02/20/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NY Knicks' Jeremy Lin: 'I Love Playing Basketball'
Jeremy -- and -- out of nowhere sensation taking the next another win Sunday dropping 28 points fourteen dimes in the process and he has gone from virtually unemployed. Two hottest star in game in a matter of weeks it was time to get an all a little bit better he sat down. With Rachel Nichols of our sister network ESPN for a one on one of very. -- Portrait. It was another spectacular win. But the -- become emotional phenomenon you only win twenty points. -- the New York Knicks to yet another victory. -- Madison Square Garden. Things -- -- scrambling into the courts. With his new -- -- -- first time that you realized okay this isn't just one day this is a phenomenon. Five days into it every said I'm going to -- -- in this and then insist. -- a little overwhelming. Also like the first time -- walking around and you see someone wearing your name on a teacher on their Jersey. I was shocked has actually -- you know they mean managers. I didn't know that they did that fast and so and I -- does make the -- customize what's the weirdest paparazzi moment you've had. The stuff about me dating. You know Kim Kardashian -- I mean have no idea where that came from you don't think you're the Kim Kardashian intent. Not think if since. I don't think notes that type you turn down the cover of GQ and -- there's lots of networks that of an interest in interviewing you why you think it's so important for you to limit police again attacked. Now I just want to make sure that. I'm not doing a disservice to my team by -- milking all the attention to that the end of the day. That's not what I love I love playing basketball. And more fanciful receptive when was aware that as the Indians most permanent Asian American he still faces certain stereotypes. People always saying he's deceptively quick deceptively athletic in. And I don't know if that's just because enemies in there or what it is good obviously there's going to be stereotypes I want to be. Represented -- -- for -- American. There's already a legend of Jeremy -- here what's your take on the way you've been portrayed. I would have been portrayed as a city -- to the organization and I just. As -- but I respectfully disagree with that. You know the New York. Next most famous fan spike police said that. You know someone brought him this is a movie script he'd throw them out of his office said there's no blame anybody would believe this story get -- shots keep track. Rachel it's great to see it basically you.

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{"id":15750385,"title":"NY Knicks' Jeremy Lin: 'I Love Playing Basketball'","duration":"2:35","description":"ESPN's Rachel Nichols talks to the NBA's hottest star.","url":"/GMA/video/ny-knicks-jeremy-lin-love-playing-basketball-15750385","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}