NYC Police Commissioner's Son Accused of Rape

Fox anchorman Greg Kelly strongly denies the sexual assault accusations.
2:30 | 01/26/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NYC Police Commissioner's Son Accused of Rape
Right to -- making big headlines this morning the son of the New York's most powerful police commissioner accused of sexual assault. The encounter was back in October the alleged victim filed a complaint with the police late Tuesday. All the details breaking overnight in ABC's Jim Havel has been tracking latest good morning Jim. The morning Georgia war veteran New York City anchorman and the son of the police she not exactly who Manhattan detectives might expect to be investigating. But this morning Greg Kelly is accused of rape and the woman making the charge had to go to his father apart department to make the complaint. His dad Ray Kelly is a national figure police commissioner and America's biggest city in charge of nearly 40000 cops including the detectives at the thirteenth precinct. Who yesterday heard from a woman. Who accuses his son Greg Kelly a local fox anchorman once named most eligible newsman in the country of raping her. The case has been turned over to investigators who worked for the New York district attorney's office. This sounds like to -- they did exactly the right thing they want to the district attorney's office and had the DA's investigators. Look at this case instead of NYPD. The woman identified only as working in a New York attorney's office told police she meant to anchorman in a Manhattan party in October. And took him to her law office which she claims she was assaulted. There are questions to be answered about why it took so long to report and why according to newspaper reports this morning she continued to speak in text with him on the phone which. Before the alleged attack was reported her boyfriend became outraged and confronted the police commissioner at a public event. Chief Kelly trying to avoid a scene asked him to write a letter. It's gonna be -- he said she said sort of situation. So it's extremely important for the police to do a very tight tight time line up around both the commissioner son. And the alleged victim. The 43 year old co host of fox TV's good day New York a local morning television program tells ABC news through his attorney. Kelly strenuously denies any wrongdoing of any kind and is cooperating fully with the investigation. He also stated that the district attorney's investigation will prove his innocence. Now Kelly has a sterling record before he was a journalist covering the White House and the Iraq War for Fox News. He flew attack jets carriers for the Marines and still serves in the reserves and lieutenant colonel. The woman's boyfriend and saying the delay was caused by fear the alleged victim was afraid because of Greg -- connections and the power of his father.

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{"id":15445735,"title":"NYC Police Commissioner's Son Accused of Rape","duration":"2:30","description":"Fox anchorman Greg Kelly strongly denies the sexual assault accusations.","url":"/GMA/video/nyc-police-commissioners-son-accused-rape-15445735","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}