NYPD Releases Video of Officer's Takedown of James Blake

Officer James Frascatore tackled the retired tennis star and handcuffed him in a case of mistaken identity.
2:37 | 09/12/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NYPD Releases Video of Officer's Takedown of James Blake
Pretty helpless as humans. The state of emergency this been referring to. Blake standing minds his own business, suddenly rushed by a police officer in plainclothes who violently takes him down for a crime he did not commit. Jarring to watch this. This morn the new apologies to Blake, his new calls for change and the fresh questions about the arresting officer, ABC's Phillip Mena leads us off this morning from midtown Manhattan. Phillip, good morning to you. Reporter: Dan, Paula, good morning. I'm standing exactly where James Blake was just waiting around to go to the U.S. Open when out of nowhere a police officer rushed in and tackled him to the ground and it was all caught on surveillance. In this surveillance video released by the New York police department, we're now seeing the violent arrest of tennis star James Blake. Watch as he waits outside his hotel when a nonuniformed officer runs into the frame, tackling Blake to the ground and forcefully placing his knee into Blake's back before locking his wrists in handcuffs. I said, look, officer, I'm scared. Reporter: Blake reliving the event on "Gma" telling robin the officer now identified as James frascatore never identified himself as police. The same violation he was disciplined for earlier this year according to NYPD records obtained by ABC news. At no time did he let me know he was a police officer. He just put the cuffs on me and said, stand up. Reporter: Overnight the union representing police officers calling the arrest a professional job in a statement saying frascatore was apprehending what he had every reason to believe was an individual who had just committed a crime. Frascatore is now on desk duty stripped of his gun and badge while this incident is under investigation. Warren Diggs who claims he had a similar encounter with the officer in 2013 telling our new York City station WABC, it's about time. I'm upset it took this happening to a famous person for anyone to know and investigate and be honest about it. Reporter: And the police commissioner and mayor are reissuing the apology asking for improvements to the NYPD from Blake. Blake wants the city of fork to spend money on the relationship between police and the public in neighborhoods where incidents like these happen more frequently. Paula. Yeah, Blake determined to turn this into a teachable moment, Phillip, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"Officer James Frascatore tackled the retired tennis star and handcuffed him in a case of mistaken identity.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33707577","title":"NYPD Releases Video of Officer's Takedown of James Blake","url":"/GMA/video/nypd-releases-video-officers-takedown-james-blake-33707577"}