Obama Administration Says 'No Military Solution' in Iraq

Four more strategic Iraqi towns have fallen as ISIS continues to march toward Baghdad.
1:58 | 06/22/14

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Transcript for Obama Administration Says 'No Military Solution' in Iraq
Ominous new developments out of Iraq. Four more strategic towns have fallen to the Sunni fundamentalist group Isis. Men and women took to the streets to show they're ready to taken to insurgents. President Obama announcing we're sending 300 soldiers to Iraq as advisers. Let's bring in Jon Karl. He' he's hosting "This week." The stories are horrifying. How hard does the administration believe it will be to dislodge this insurgents? They think in terms of the United States going in and dislodging it would be impossible. There is no military solution to this. The problem is, as bad as the insurgents are, they have a degree of support in the areas because the government is seen as being so defiantly, thoroughly anti-sunni. There are pictures of these shiite militias on the March. Don't they want to focus a faith-fueled civil war? They hope to provoke an overreaction from the shiia. This is why the Obama administration is doing a difficult thing. Reach out to the Iranians, tied strongly to the shiia leadership in Iraq. That is the fear here. This is becoming or maybe has already become a civil war. Complex and high stakes chess game. Jon will have full coverage of this crisis along with Martha Raddatz who is in Baghdad, later on this morning on "This week." Let's get the rest of the

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{"id":24251175,"title":"Obama Administration Says 'No Military Solution' in Iraq","duration":"1:58","description":"Four more strategic Iraqi towns have fallen as ISIS continues to march toward Baghdad.","url":"/GMA/video/obama-administration-military-solution-iraq-24251175","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}